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Risk Breakdown
  1. Low (9)
  2. Moderate (3)
  1. 14" (3)
  2. 15" (3)
  3. 16" (11)
  4. 17" (3)
  5. 18" (11)
  6. 19" (3)
  7. 20" (11)
  8. 21" (2)
  9. 22" (6)
  10. 23" (1)
  11. 24" (4)
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  1. 14" (2)
  2. 15" (2)
  3. 16" (10)
  4. 17" (3)
  5. 18" (9)
  6. 19" (2)
  7. 20" (6)
  8. 21" (1)
  9. 22" (1)
  10. 23" (1)
  11. 24" (1)
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Cushion Cover
  1. Standard (7)
  2. Incontinence (6)
  3. Mesh (1)
  1. Comfort Company (3)
  2. Invacare (3)
  3. Jay (4)
  4. Karman (1)
  5. Nova (1)
Weight Capacity
  1. 250 lbs  (6)
  2. 300 lbs (6)
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Foam Cushions

  1. $34.95
    This simple, yet effective Convoluted Foam Cushion from Nova provides support and pressure relief, improved weight distribution and air circulation.
    Weight Weight Capacity Height Risk Breakdown Cushion Cover
    0.5 lbs 250 lbs 3" Low Standard
  2. by Comfort Company

    In Stock

    Comfort company express comfort foam cushion has a single-layer foam construction that contours to the users body, reducing high pressure areas.
    Weight Weight Capacity Height Risk Breakdown Cushion Cover
    5 lbs 300 lbs 2" Low Standard
  3. by Jay
    5 2

    In Stock

    The BASIC Cushion is made of a soft and durable foam, and is best for a person who needs minimum postural support and has a low risk of skin breakdown.
    Weight Weight Capacity Height Risk Breakdown Cushion Cover
    1.7 lbs 250 lbs 2" Low Standard
  4. $65.00
    Gel Foam Wheelchair Seat Cushion is designed with comfort and pressure relief in mind.
    Weight Weight Capacity Height Risk Breakdown Cushion Cover
    2 lbs 250 lbs No Moderate
  5. by Comfort Company

    In Stock

    Comfort Company's Curve foam cushion is a basic cushion made of high density molded foam.
    Weight Weight Capacity Height Risk Breakdown Cushion Cover
    1.8 lbs 250 lbs 3" Low Standard, Incontinence
  6. $72.00
    The Invacare Absolute Wheelchair Cushion features molded, dual-firmness foam for increased comfort and support.
    Weight Weight Capacity Height Risk Breakdown Cushion Cover
    1 lbs No No Low Standard
  7. by Jay
    4 1

    In Stock

    The Basic PRO Cushion is crafted from durable, high-density foam to provide you with improved comfort and stability whenever you’re using your wheelchair.
    Weight Weight Capacity Height Risk Breakdown Cushion Cover
    1.9 lbs 300 lbs 3" Low Standard, Incontinence
  8. by Comfort Company

    In Stock

    The Ascent from Comfort Company is a foam cushion with a visco foam insert that contours to your body, providing maximum skin protection.
    Weight Weight Capacity Height Risk Breakdown Cushion Cover
    5 lbs 250 lbs 3" Low Standard, Incontinence
  9. $137.00
    The Jay GO foam cushion features a dual foam layer for maximum comfort while also providing skin protection.
    Weight Weight Capacity Height Risk Breakdown Cushion Cover
    2.5 lbs 300 lbs 3" Moderate Incontinence
  10. $145.00
    The Invacare Comfort-Mate Extra wheelchair cushion is anatomically designed to provide long-term sitting comfort and promote correct seating posture.
    Weight Weight Capacity Height Risk Breakdown Cushion Cover
    4 lbs 250 lbs No Low Incontinence
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Expert Advice

Foam cushions are a popular option for wheelchairs. Foam wheelchair cushions have a simple construction, are affordable, and provide a stable surface. Additionally, foam cushions are lightweight, which many wheelchair users prefer.

Foam cushions are often made of a single layer of foam. However, some foam cushions are constructed with multiple foam layers, each with a different density. These multi-layer cushions provide more positioning support than a single-layer foam cushion will.

Thanks to technology, foam cushions can include memory foam which helps to adapt and retain a position based on the shape of your body. With the wide variety of foams available, foam cushions can be designed to provide support, softness, or any combination of the two.

If you need a particular fit or alteration to your wheelchair cushion, a foam cushion may be just the solution, since many foam cushions can be easily altered. A physical therapist or doctor can cut or remove part of a foam cushion to provide pressure relief, or can sculpt the cushion to provide greater postural support.

When you’re shopping for a wheelchair cushion on a budget, you will have plenty of options when looking at foam cushions. One of the major benefits of foam cushions is that they are highly affordable, especially when compared with air and gel cushions. You should be aware that foam does wear out more quickly than air and gel cushions do, but replacing foam cushions is affordable.

If you’re looking for a wheelchair cushion option which is lightweight, affordable, and which can provide you with both support and softness, then a foam cushion may perfectly suit your needs.

Be sure to reach out and contact us if you have any questions about which cushion may be right for you; we’re always happy to help. 

Know What You Need

Before you buy a foam cushion, have a discussion with your doctor or physical therapist to determine what type of foam cushion is best for you. Would you benefit from the sculpting properties of memory foam, or do you need a more supportive, firmer foam to help with positioning? There are plenty of foam cushion styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that’s just right for your needs. 

Customize Your Foam Cushion

Don’t feel like your foam cushion is quite the right fit for you? Bring it in to your physical therapist and ask them to customize the fit to your specific needs. It is easy and simple to remove some foam so that the cushion better supports and works with your body.

Keep a Foam Cushion On Hand

If you typically use a gel or air cushion, it’s still a good idea to keep a foam cushion on hand in your house. Gel and air cushions can potentially leak, but your foam cushion can serve as a backup if you ever need it. 

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