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Single Fold Ramps

  1. by EZ Access
    4 5.00 0.00 2

    In Stock

    The Suitcase Ramp Advantage Series is lightweight and can be carried like a suitcase so you can bring your own mobility ramp with you wherever you go.
    Weight Weight Capacity Width Length
    30 lbs 600 lbs 29" 2' to 6'
  2. by Drive Medical
    4 5.00 0.00 3

    In Stock

    The Wheelchair and Scooter Ramp by Drive Medical is designed for transitioning a wheelchair or scooter from one surface height to another.
    Weight Weight Capacity Width Length
    38 lbs 600 lbs 16" 2' to 6'
  3. $130.00
    The Single Fold Ramp is lightweight yet features a 600-pound weight capacity, and is available in various lengths to suit your individual situation and needs.
    Weight Weight Capacity Width Length
    17 lbs 600 lbs 29.5" 3' to 6'
  4. by PVI
    4 5.00 0.00 1

    In Stock

    Prairie View's Singlefold Ramp is an excellent ramp for manual wheelchairs, scooters, and power wheelchairs alike.
    Weight Weight Capacity Width Length
    10 lbs 800 lbs 30" 2' to 8'
  5. $485.00
    The Suitcase Singlefold GF Ramp is made of glass reinforced graphite fiber and is the lightest folding ramp in the industry.
    Weight Weight Capacity Width Length
    7.75 lbs 660 lbs 31" 2' to 8'
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Buying Tips
Expert Advice

Single fold ramps can provide temporary accessibility solutions, and are easy to transport and store. These ramps are great for use with wheelchairs, scooters, and other mobility devices, as they provide a sturdy and safe way to travel over obstacles like curbs, small stairs, and more. Best of all, these ramps fold over once so that they are compact and easy to transport.

It’s a great idea to keep a single fold ramp in your vehicle. Since these ramps fold to save space, many of them can fit in a trunk or in the back of a vehicle. When you’re traveling, visiting friends, or running errands, you never know what obstacles you may encounter. A single fold ramp can act as insurance, providing you accessibility to areas that you might not otherwise have been able to navigate.

Assembling single fold ramps takes just seconds. Take ramp out of your vehicle, unfold it, and position it so that it is secure. Packing the ramp up again is just as easy. Many single fold ramps feature clips to hold them together once they’re folded, and some even include carry handles.

These ramps are designed in a variety of lengths and widths. They feature textured surfaces to improve grip, and all have specified weight capacities. Single fold ramps are a convenient and easily transportable accessibility solution.

Buying Tips

It’s important to purchase a ramp which is the proper length. Using a ramp that’s too short will create a sharp incline, which is dangerous to navigate. Be sure to use our ramp calculator tool to determine what size ramp you need, especially if you anticipate navigating taller curbs or stairs with your ramp.

Consider the Ramp’s Overall Weight

While it’s important to consider a single fold ramp’s weight capacity, it’s just as important to make sure that you can handle the ramp’s overall weight. If you plan on repeatedly lifting the ramp in and out of your vehicle, then look for a ramp which is designed to be both lightweight and strong.


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