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Heavy Duty

  1. $245.00
    The ProBasics Black Heavy-Duty Transport Wheelchair is a durable choice for everyday transport of users up to 400 lb
    Weight Weight Capacity Width Seat to Ground Axles
    39.5 lbs 400 lbs 22" 20" Fixed Axles
  2. $259.00
    This Bariatric Steel Transport Chair by Drive Medical has dual, reinforced steel cross braces and a reinforced steel frame for added support can withstand a weight of 450 lbs.
    Weight Weight Capacity Width Seat to Ground Axles
    45 lbs 450 lbs 24.5" to 26.5" 19.5" Fixed Axles
  3. by Invacare
    5 2

    In Stock

    The Tracer IV offers superior durability, rollability and streamlined looks are what the Invacare Tracer IV Custom heavy-duty wheelchair is all about.
    Weight Weight Capacity Width Seat to Ground Axles
    52 lbs 350 lbs 27.5" to 31.5" 17.5" to 19.5" Fixed Axles
  4. $350.00
    The Nova Comet 332 Heavy Duty transport wheelchair can support up to 400 lbs. and features an extra-wide 22” seat.
    Weight Weight Capacity Width Seat to Ground Axles
    27 lbs 400 lbs 28.5" 19.5" Fixed Axles
  5. by Sunrise
    5 1

    In Stock

    The Sunrise Breezy EC 2000 HD300 Heavy-Duty Wheelchair features a 20" seat width and a 300 lb. weight capacity.
    Weight Weight Capacity Width Seat to Ground Axles
    41 lbs 300 lbs 30.5" 19.75" Fixed Axles
  6. by Drive Medical

    In Stock

    The Sentra HD500 is the ultimate heavy-duty wheelchair. It has reinforced gussets at all the weight-bearing joints, dual crossbraces and heavy-duty flat-free casters.
    Weight Weight Capacity Width Seat to Ground Axles
    69.25 lbs 500 lbs 32.5" No No
  7. $975.00
    The Sentra Extra Wide Heavy Duty Wheelchair from Drive Medical boasts a 700 pound weight capacity, made possible through the use of reinforced steel gussets, reinforced nylon upholstery.
    Weight Weight Capacity Width Seat to Ground Axles
    70 lbs 700 lbs No No No
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Heavy duty wheelchairs are designed for daily, rigorous use and also boast impressive weight limits. These versatile wheelchairs are suitable for both home use and for use in professional care settings. Heavy duty wheelchairs are sometimes called extra wide wheelchairs, due to their generous sizing and ability to accommodate many patients.

Most heavy duty wheelchairs are built on steel frames, rather than aluminum, which provides them with greater strength and an increased weight capacity. Some feature cross bracing for increased strength and stability. Heavy duty wheelchairs very closely resemble the appearance of the traditional wheelchair – most come with arm rests and swing-away footrests as standard features. Many heavy duty wheelchairs are designed so that they can be self-propelled or pushed by a caregiver.

Heavy duty wheelchairs feature weight capacities ranging from 250 to 700 pounds. Their seat widths range from 20” to 30”, which is much wider than the widths offered by traditional wheelchairs. Basic heavy duty wheelchairs are available at very affordable prices, with upper-level wheelchairs offering more features and higher weight capacities.

Heavy duty wheelchairs pose an advantage over traditional wheelchairs simply due to their versatility. These wheelchairs are excellent choices for settings which see a variety of patients, such as professional health care offices. When using a heavy duty wheelchair, a single wheelchair can accommodate patients of varying heights and weights, making the heavy duty wheelchair a practical choice.

At MedMart, we offer heavy duty wheelchairs by some of the top medical equipment manufacturers. Here you will find wheelchairs manufactured by Drive Medical, Karman, Medline, and Sunrise.

If you’re unsure of which heavy duty wheelchair is right for you or your business, please give us a call – we would be happy to help you find that perfect wheelchair.

Consider the Wheelchair’s Use

When buying a heavy duty wheelchair, you will want to think about how the wheelchair will be used as you make your selection. If your business sees patients of varying weights and heights, then you may want to buy a heavy duty wheelchair which has a generous seat width and weight capacity. On the other hand, if you are buying a wheelchair for a specific patient, then you can select the right chair based on a specific weight and height.

Save Time and Maintain Your Professionalism

If you have a health care business, then there’s no reason not to invest in a heavy duty wheelchair. When you have a heavy duty wheelchair in your office, you can avoid embarrassing situations surrounding the sensitive issue of a patient’s weight. Additionally, having a heavy duty wheelchair present saves time – you won’t have to worry about finding a specific wheelchair with a weight capacity which can accommodate a patient. Save time and stay professional with a heavy duty wheelchair.

Free Cushion!

For a limited time, buy any wheelchair over $400 and receive a free wheelchair cushion!

Free Cushion!

For a limited time, buy any wheelchair over $400 and receive a free wheelchair cushion!

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