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  1. $132.00
    The Excel Standard from Medline is an economical wheelchair loaded with standard features not found on any other chair in its price range.
    Weight Weight Capacity Width Seat to Ground Axles
    38 lbs 300 lbs 23.5" to 25.5" 18" to 20" Fixed Axles
  2. by Drive Medical
    5 5.00 0.00 1

    In Stock

    The Cruiser III is a quality wheelchair which offers features, including an adjustable seat depth and dual axles for a quick and easy seat height adjustment.
    Weight Weight Capacity Width Seat to Ground Axles
    36 lbs 300 lbs 24" to 28" 17.25"-19.25" Fixed Axles
  3. Blue Streak Bestsellers
    by Drive Medical
    5 5.00 0.00 1

    In Stock

    The Blue Streak Wheelchair from Drive Medical is an economical choice with great features.
    Weight Weight Capacity Width Seat to Ground Axles
    41.25 lbs 250 lbs 24" to 26" 19" Fixed Axles
  4. $179.00
    The Invacare Tracer EX2 Deluxe wheelchair is a high quality standard wheelchair that offers options not available on any other standard weight chair that we carry, including a hemi seat-to-floor...
    Weight Weight Capacity Width Seat to Ground Axles
    44 lbs 250 lbs 24" to 28" 17.5" to 19.5" Fixed Axles
  5. $195.00
    The Breezy EC 2000 features swing-away footrests and removable armrests, all at an affordable price.
    Weight Weight Capacity Width Seat to Ground Axles
    41 lbs 250 lbs 22.5" to 26.5" 17.5" to 19.75" Fixed Axles
  6. by Medline

    In Stock

    The Excel 2000 is a very sturdy and comfortable chair complete with a chart pocket, composite footplates and a dual axle.
    Weight Weight Capacity Width Seat to Ground Axles
    38 lbs 300 lbs No 18" to 20" Fixed Axles
  7. by Drive Medical

    In Stock

    This chair comes with both 8" and 24" rear wheels and dual wheel locks for attendant controlled or self-propelled use.
    Weight Weight Capacity Width Seat to Ground Axles
    34 lbs 250 lbs 25.5" 19.75" Quick Release Axles
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Standard wheelchairs can provide you with mobility when you’re unable to stand or walk on your own. These wheelchairs are great solutions for when you’re recovering from an injury, and they’re intended for short-term use. Because of this, standard wheelchairs are fairly basic and are inexpensive.

Standard wheelchairs are built to be both strong and durable, ensuring that they will provide you with the mobility that you need while you heal and recover. These wheelchairs are designed so that you can propel them yourself; you need to have use of your arms in order for a standard wheelchair to be a practical choice. Standard wheelchairs also include push handles so that you can be assisted by a caregiver.

Most standard wheelchairs are designed mainly for indoor use. They tend to be heavier than other wheelchair styles, so propelling them up a hill can be a challenge. These wheelchairs are equipped with brakes which can be pressed down onto the wheel to help hold the chair in place, providing an important safety feature.

You will find that standard wheelchairs offer some different features. Some chairs include elevating legrests for increased comfort, while others provide flip back arms for easy access to the chair. Some standard wheelchairs even include height adjustable arms or removable arms, allowing you to choose just how much support you want. Because standard wheelchairs are intended for short-term use, extensive options aren’t typically available on these wheelchairs.

Standard wheelchairs usually come in standard seat widths of 16”, 18”, and 20”, though some chairs also come in 22” and 24” widths. A standard wheelchair also comes with a specific weight capacity, which is important to check before you make a purchase.

Check the Weight Capacity

When buying a standard wheelchair, make sure that you check the weight capacity. Many standard wheelchairs offer 250-pound or 300-pound weight capacities, but a few also offer 350-pound weight capacities.

Get the Right Seat

Ensuring that your standard wheelchair has a seat which is appropriately sized for you can go a long ways in improving your comfort. Make sure to order a chair with a seat width which is appropriate for you. Don’t forget to also consider the height of the seat back – the heights vary, and you will want to buy a seat which offers you plenty of back support.  

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