PressureGuard® Bariatric APM Alternating Pressure Air Therapy Mattress

By Span America

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Span America pressureguard bariatric APM mattress gives feature-packed therapy for users up to 750 lbs. Bariatric APM mattress has segmented top surface which reduces sharp pressure drop-offs, while air system below handles the “heavy lifting,” alternating weight-bearing across the surface in user selectable intervals. “Two up, one down” inflation pattern ensures maximum patient support throughout the cycle.

Cove : The bacteriostatic top fabric is fire resistant, fluidproof, tear resistant, cleanable, and replaceable. The pleated design allows full integration with the mattress’s Geo-Matt style shear-relieving surface while minimizing hammocking.

Foam Topper: The exclusive Geo-Matt® style foam topper is a high density, medical grade foam. The unique geometric design consists of over 800 individual cells, each of which acts individually to redistribute pressure, to reduce heat and moisture buildup on the skin, and to reduce shear to underlying tissues. This foam topper is 2" in height and includes the unique Heel Slope™ feature, designed to further reduce pressure for the sensitive heel area.

Safety Edge™ Bolsters: The patented Safety Edge™ consists of a firm 2-part foam bolster whose inner edge contours under pressure to direct the patient towards the center of the mattress. This adds to patient stability in sitting and lying down, and helps prevent falls and entrapment between the siderail and the mattress.

Air Cylinders: The inflation system consists of six urethane air cylinders that run head to foot underneath the body and the foam topper. These cylinders perform the alternating pressure therapy, Cylinders inflate and deflate in a fixed 10-minute cycle. Inflation levels are designed to provide and maintain low interface pressures throughout the mattress, and to redistribute peak interface pressure points during the alternating cycle.

Control Unit: Features eight electronically-controlled comfort settings, programmable cycle times of 20, 25, 30, or 35 minutes and low pressure indicator with audible alarm.

Primary Uses

  • Aggressive treatment (through Stage IV)
  • Prevention of pressure ulcers in sedentary or high risk patients

Patient Indications

  • Can’t or won’t reposition frequently
  • Can be positioned off of pressure ulcer

Key Advantages

  • Simple operation
  • Gentle and effective pressure changes
  • Customizable firmness and time settings
  • PressureGuard design: stability, safety, anti-shearing


  • Specially designed for users up to 750 lbs.
  • Alternating weight-bearing across the surface
  • Segmented top reduces sharp pressure drop-offs

Certified Compliance: Span offers Fire Barrier Versions (FBV) of all Geo-Mattress® therapeutic foam and PressureGuard® air therapy surfaces. These versions are identified with a “-29” suffix, indicating they are equipped with an inner fire barrier sleeve. They have been certified to meet the new federal standard, as well as existing standards Cal TB 603 and 129, NFPA Life Safety Code 101, ASTM E 1590, 16 CFR 1632, and Boston IX-11.

Product Highlights
  • Specially designed for users up to 750 lbs.
  • Alternating weight-bearing across the surface
  • Segmented top reduces sharp pressure drop-offs
Medicare approved: E0277 (Group II)
Length: 80", 84"
Width: 42", 48", 54"
Height: 7"
Weight capacity: 750 lbs.
Mattress weight: 25 lbs approx
UL listed: Yes


Brochure (175.29 kB)
Algorithm (181.05 kB)
Matrix (178.29 kB)
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