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Patient lifts are essential in performing safe patient transfers. While patient lifts are common in hospitals and professional care environments, if you suddenly find yourself caring for a loved one, then you may need a patient lift in your own home. Renting a patient lift may be the perfect solution.

Patient lift rentals are beneficial for a number of reasons. Renting a patient lift may be ideal in a situation where you are caring for someone who is recovering from an injury or illness, and who will be able to regain their strength and independence again. Patient lifts can be expensive to purchase, so renting a lift can save you money in the long run, especially if you just need a lift temporarily.

Renting a patient lift can greatly improve your own safety and the safety of your loved one. Transferring patients is a highly physical task, and when you have to perform repeated transfers throughout the day, you are putting yourself at risk of potential back injuries. Additionally, patient lifts make the transfer safer and more comfortable for the patient. There are countless benefits to renting a patient lift.

Because patient lifts are versatile, you’ll find that they fit well into your homecare routine. Many lifts can transfer patients in and out of bed and wheelchairs, and some even have the capability to lift a patient from the floor.

We offer top-quality patient lifts for rent in the Cincinnati or Dayton, Ohio areas. These patient lifts are designed to be easy to operate, though our knowledgeable staff will also teach you how to use the lift safely. Patient lift rentals include local delivery and pickup, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Stop in to view our rental patient lifts today.