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If you or a loved one find yourself in need of assistance and stability when walking, then renting a walker may be a great option for you. Walker rentals make walkers easily accessible to anyone on a temporary basis, and are ideal when you know that you will not need the walker long-term and don’t want to commit to buying the equipment.

There are many reasons to rent a walker. If you’ve had recent surgery or sustained an injury, you may need the added support of a walker. A long-term illness may have left you weak and needing to regain your strength. In some cases your physical therapist or doctor may recommend that you use a walker temporarily. And if you have a loved one coming to visit who relies on a walker, you may wish to have one in your home on a temporary basis.

Walkers are valuable tools in restoring independence after an injury or illness. Because walkers can partially support your weight as you walk, they are great at helping you to regain strength and build up the muscles that you need in order to be mobile on your own. Walkers also give you stability and can help to prevent falls. Easy to transport, walkers can be used in and outside of the home.

We offer a selection of walker rentals which can suit your individual needs. Consider renting a knee walker if you’re recovering from surgery or an injury to a foot or an ankle. The knee walker allows you to elevate the injured limb while providing you with support, and is a great alternative to crutches. We also offer a standard walker and a walker with wheels for rent. Both of these options provide plenty of support and stability, while allowing you to be mobile by largely relying on your own strength.

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