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At one time or another, we all have had annoying household problems that we just can’t seem to find solutions for. 

Well, our issue began a little over 5 years ago. It was the seemingly never-ending problem of bed sheets coming loose. No matter what I did, the sheets would come off and roll up around our feet... just about the time we would doze off!

After purchasing several types of “sheet holder” products, we held on to hope that “one of these has to work.” Well, they didn’t.

Frustrated, I made a list of how I could improve all of those failed “sheet holder” designs and decided to make one that works… and I did.

We started selling on and had great success. However, their platform has changed to more of a......let's just call it "selling practices we don't agree with", we felt was a great time to branch off into our own on-line store.

It has been a long road, for my husband and I, who had no experience in manufacturing, patents/trademarks....or any of the pr

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