3 Products to Help Lift Someone Off of the Floor After a Fall

When you’re caring for a patient, especially someone recovering from an injury or who is aging, falls can and do occur. You may find yourself needing to lift someone from the floor, but doing so on your own can put you at risk for injury, and isn’t a comfortable experience for the patient.

At Med Mart, we have a number of products that can safely lift someone off of the floor after a fall.

Patient Lifts                               

Also known as Hoyer lifts, patient lifts can help to lift people off of the floor. It’s important to realize that not all patient lifts have this capability; some lifts have limited lifting ranges that cannot access a person on the floor. However, some lifts, like the Hoyer Advance-E 340 Portable, are more versatile, making them suitable for this purpose. The Hoyer Advance-E offers a lift range of 15.3” to 66.5”, so not only can it lift patients from the floor, but it can also facilitate transfers from other surfaces, like chairs and hospital beds.

Patient lifts are available in a number of different designs, so you’ll want to consider what features matter the most in your situation. Manual lifts tend to be the most economical option, whereas electric lifts are a bit easier to use, requiring less physical effort on the caregiver’s part. You will also want to give some thought as to the best sling for the patient, in terms of support and security.


The IndeeLift is an innovative solution for a person who is living alone and needs assistance in getting up off of the floor. A single person can operate this lift themselves, without the assistance of a caregiver, and can therefore get themselves up off of the floor. The person can go to the lift, slide on, push a button, and the lift gradually and gently returns them to their feet during the space of a minute. The lift also allows for easy transfer into a wheelchair.

The IndeeLift can also be operated by a second person. If a spouse or other family member needs to lift someone off of the floor, this lift allows them to do so without any physical exertion or risk to their own safety. It’s an incredible way to turn a difficult and dangerous situation into a more minor incident.

Overhead Lift

When lifting a patient from the floor is a common occurrence, the Prism Medical P-300 Portable Lift Motor & Track offers a safe, easy-to-use solution. This lift and track are suitable for both permanent and temporary installations, and since this is the most affordable ceiling lift on the market, it is a practical option for both home and professional use.

The track system weighs only 45 pounds, and a single person can assemble it in less than six minutes. Additionally, the lift itself is lightweight yet offers a safe working load of 300 pounds for excellent versatility. The lift’s Hi-lo function is faster than that of most other portable lifts, and the ergonomic hand control is easy to use. This overhead lift offers stability, safety, and convenience.

Choosing The Right Product

Any of the above products will work to lift someone off of the floor, but depending on your needs, some may be better suited to your situation than others. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at Med Mart; we would be happy to help you choose the right product for your needs.