Get Ready for Vacation!

Travel Blog 1 We know that transporting medical equipment can be a pain. Don’t let it hold you back from traveling! Med Mart is here to help you find the perfect portable solution for all of your medical equipment needs. From mobility scooters to patient lifts, we have product options to keep you healthy and comfortable anywhere you go! Spring is the perfect time to plan your vacation. Take that road trip, cruise, or flight you’ve been dreaming about, and we can make sure you enjoy it to the max. Read on to see some of our favorite products for quick and easy mobility, no matter where you travel to.

Mobility Scooters

Do you use a mobility scooter? You don’t have to worry about taking your heavy scooter with you when you travel. We have many lightweight, portable mobility scooters that are built for easy storage and transport. See our entire selection of portable scooters here. The Go-Go Scooter Ultra X 3-Wheel and the Go-Go Elite Traveller 4-Wheel Scooters by Pride are two of our Best Sellers. Both mobility scooters are wonderful lightweight options for traveling. The Ultra X 3-Wheel can be disassembled into 5 pieces with ease, with the heaviest piece weighing only 30 pounds. This convenient design makes this scooter incredibly easy to bring along on a trip. The Traveller 4-Wheel also features a simple disassembly feature and has a total weight of 95 pounds. The Traveller is quickly assembled using a simple front-to-rear cable. Don’t be fooled by this mobility scooter’s simple design and weight - it maintains the reliable durability of all Pride scooters.

Power Wheelchairs

We offer several options for traveling with power wheelchairs. Golden’s LiteRider Envy is our top-selling portable wheelchair and can be easily taken apart into 4 separate pieces. There is no need for a vehicle lift with this power chair, as the heaviest component weighs only 35 pounds. The LiteRider Envy is still incredibly durable, with a carrying capacity of 300 pounds. Foldable power wheelchairs are also a great option for traveling. While they all may not be as lightweight as the LiteRider, they can easily be stored for transportation. You can take a look at all of our portable and foldable power wheelchair options here. We also offer transport wheelchairs for general convenience while traveling. Lightweight, foldable, and sturdy; our selection of transport wheelchairs will help you get around stress-free in any setting.

Vehicle Lifts

A vehicle lift may be necessary if you decide to bring a larger mobility scooter or power wheelchair on a road trip. This can sometimes be the best option when visiting places with rough terrain or limited accessibility. We offer many different vehicle lifts, making it easy for you to find the perfect fit (in your price range) for your vehicle. Some of our most popular models include the Outlander Vehicle Lift by Pride and the Automatic Electric Carrier by EZ Carrier. Pride’s Outlander will work with both power wheelchairs and mobility scooters, and features an easy installation system that requires little or no modification to your vehicle. The Automatic Electric Carrier is virtually maintenance free, making it a perfect option for both frequent and seasonal use. EZ Carrier’s lift is also low cost compared to most vehicle lifts, without compromising quality. We also offer several low cost manual lifts, which are perfect if you plan on loading and unloading your scooter or wheelchair frequently while traveling.

Patient Lifts

Some of our favorite patient lifts also just happen to be portable, making traveling a breeze. The Advance-E 340 Patient Lift is a reliable and easily transported patient lift made by Hoyer. The unique design of the Advance-E 340 is made with lightweight aluminum and allows for the lift to be folded up for storage using zero tools. Another great patient lift from Hoyer is the Journey 340. It features a cow-horn mechanism, which can be adjusted to perfectly fit any patient. This lift can also be folded for storage and transportation, and is a great affordable option. Another convenient option for traveling is the AP-Series Portable Ceiling Lift made by Handicare. This lift is our most affordable ceiling lift system and is 100% portable! The P-300 has a 300 pound weight capacity and is still incredibly lightweight. Whether you prefer a classic patient lift or a ceiling system, we’ve got you covered for your traveling needs. Do you have any travel plans coming up? Be sure to share your story with us on Facebook or Twitter!