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The Ultimate Guide to Mobility Ramps

Mobility ramps are an essential part of life for anyone who uses a wheelchair, power chair, scooter, walker, or other wheeled device. Mobility ramps can enhance the accessibility of your home, of your workplace, and of public places.

Because of their varied uses, mobility ramps come in countless different designs, sizes, and styles. Below is the essential information that you need to know when buying a mobility ramp.

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Getting the Most From Your Power Chair

Power chairs can come in many different shapes, colors and sizes. Most people enjoy the standard design of the chair and don’t feel the need to add any additional features. For those of you wanting to express yourself and add a touch of your own style, we have a few tips for you.

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Ten Ways to Improve Wheelchair Comfort

Wheelchair technology has advanced dramatically in recent decades, thanks to innovations in seat design, wheel materials, electric controls, and chair accessories. Seniors who rely on wheelchairs can move around more easily and securely than ever before. However, many seniors still find that their chairs are not as comfortable as they would like.

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10 Home Safety Tips for the Senior Citizen's Home Exterior

If you plan on staying in your own home during your golden years, it’s a good idea to check it thoroughly for risks to your health and safety. As you do, don’t forget the outside of your home. Maintaining the exterior of your home will keep you safe as you enter and exit and will allow you to take in beautiful summer evenings and crisp autumn days without worrying about falls or other ways of getting hurt.

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What is a Rollator? Everything You Need to Know

Also known as a rolling walker, the rollator is basically a walker with a wheel at the bottom of each leg., Depending on the physical size and needs of the user, different models are appropriate. Rollators can be used indoors and outdoors, providing additional stability and more maneuverability than traditional walkers.

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