Happy Caregiver Appreciation Day!

A Day to Honor Caregivers Everywhere

Caregiver Appreciation Day comes not once, but many times a year. The holiday is celebrated on various days throughout the year, including today, March 3rd. While normally we stick to one day per holiday, let’s be honest, they deserve all of the appreciation! Caregivers put others before themselves in a high stakes, extremely personal career. Some are hired by families or private care companies but many are simply caring for their loved ones on their own. It can be a thankless task, so we hope that today will be a time for recognition and acknowledgment. Hiring someone outside of your family to care for your loved ones can be a tricky, if not uncomfortable situation. This being said, the caregiver providing your loved ones with support deserves gratitude and recognition for their dedication and professionalism. If you are working with a caregiver, there are a multitude of ways to say thank you. Since most of their time is devoted to caring for others, a great way to say thank you is to give them the gift of self-care. An extra day off, a spa gift card, or a simple hand-written letter describing your appreciation are all great ways of letting them know how grateful you are.

How Else Can I Show My Appreciation?

Another great way of celebrating Caregiver Appreciation Day is to learn about, join, or donate to an organization that supports caregivers. There are local and national groups that focus on improving relevant technology, promoting self-care, and providing training. Read on to learn about some of the numerous organizations helping caregivers around the country: National Alliance for Caregiving - focused on researching the needs and challenges of caregivers, developing relevant technology, and creating local and national caregiving coalitions for access to support and information Caregiver Action Network - providing endless resources to caregivers, from instructional videos and education to online support forums, caregiving tips, and helpful technology Caregiver Support Services - started by a husband and wife, this now nationally known non-profit offers training, support and self-care education to those caring for their loved ones National Volunteer Caregiving Network - running solely on donations, this organization connects over 700 volunteers across the country to those in need of a caregiver American Association of Caregiving Youth - specifically created to address the challenges of youth caregivers, the AACY’s vision is “that every youth caring for chronically ill, injured, elderly or disabled family members will achieve success in school and life.” Well Spouse - an online and in-person support network and advocacy group for those caring for a chronically ill or disabled spouse or partner

We Are Here to Help!

We try to provide the best equipment at the best prices for all caregivers. Some of our most popular items are designed for easy operation and ultimate comfort. The Invacare Carroll CS7 Hi-Low Hospital Bed is easy to assemble and can quickly shift into multiple positions using its 10 function attendant control panel. The Hoyer Advance-E 340 Patient Lift comes fully assembled and is conveniently lightweight for transportation, storage, and maneuvering. Many customers caring for their loved ones have used this lift and have left wonderful reviews of their experience. The Med-Mizer Pivot Bed Stand Assist Hospital Bed is also perfect for assisting a loved one at home. The bed converts from a traditional bed to a seat which can be used to help a patient to their feet; there’s no need for them to shift to the edge of the bed and bring their feet over the side. Please reach out to us online if you need any assistance with finding a product, or call us at 1-888-260-4430. No matter what resources you decide to use, if you are personally caring for a loved one or working as a caregiver, we would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Happy Caregiver Appreciation Day! Do you enjoy our blog? Follow our new Facebook Page to see all of our latest blogs, newest products, and exclusive promotions!