Walk-in Tub vs Roll-in Shower?

The tub and shower area of your bathroom is one of the most difficult areas in your home to navigate safely, and falling when entering or exiting the tub or shower is a major risk. Luckily you have two options in making this area safer and more accessible: a walk-in tub or a roll-in shower. What’s the difference, and which option is best for you?

Walk-In Tub

Walk-in tubs are designed to make baths safer and easier to navigate. A walk-in tub allows you to simply walk into the tub. Once inside the tub, you can close the door, fill the tub, take your bath, allow the tub to drain, and step out of the tub again. While walk-in tubs eliminate the need to step up high to get into the tub, there is still a small threshold that you have to navigate, meaning that they aren’t an ideal choice for anyone who depends on wheeled equipment like a walker. Walk-in tubs provide you with a comfortable place to sit, and they come with all sorts of different accessories. The Independent Home Acrylic Deluxe Walk-In Bathtub features 20 air spa jets, 8 water spa jets, an LCD control panel, and an FM radio & speaker so that you can truly relax in comfort and luxury. Walk-in tubs are not without their disadvantages. You need to be in the tub before you can begin filling it, and you also need to wait for the tub to drain before opening the door and exiting the tub. Additionally, walk-in tubs can be expensive to purchase and install, but you may find that the comfort and safety they provide is well worth the cost. For anyone using a wheelchair, walker, or other wheeled device, a roll-in shower might be the ideal solution. Roll-in showers allow you to freely access the entire shower with a wheeled device.

Roll-In Shower

Roll-in showers feature a low, flexible threshold which is designed for wheeled access but which also helps to keep the water within the shower area. You can outfit the shower with a shower chair for comfort, and installing a flexible shower sprayer adds functionality and practicality to the shower. The roll-in shower offers an advantage over the walk-in tub since you don’t need to wait for the tub to fill and drain before leaving the tub. Additionally, showers are more economical than baths; a roll-in shower can result in lower utility bills over a walk-in tub. Installing a walk-in tub or a roll-in shower will require significant renovation and space in your bathroom. Choosing the right option for your home can provide you with comfort, convenience, and safety.Here are other tips which will help you to provide safety to your bathroom 3 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Safer.