Why a Hill-Rom Bed? Benefits and Features to Meet All Your Care Needs

When you or a loved one suffers from an injury or illness that results in limited mobility, you may need to reassess nearly every item and element in your home. Are the doorways wide enough for a wheelchair? Are chairs and sofas low enough for an easy transfer? Are the bathrooms safe? There are a wide range of questions and items that have to be considered. However, there is one item that is extremely important that it should be near the top of your checklist, the bed. When an individual has limited mobility, motor function, or strength, their bed almost becomes a second home. Depending on the extent of their condition, they may spend most or nearly all of their time in bed. For someone struggling with limited mobility, the bed serves as a “home base.” They may spend hours every day in bed in addition to the time they spend sleeping at night. If you or your loved one has nearly complete loss of function or mobility, the bed might be even more than that. They may spend nearly every minute of the day in bed, doing everything from going through therapy to getting baths to simply relaxing. Given the amount of time spent in a bed, it’s easy to see how important the bed is to recovery and overall quality of life. The wrong bed can be uncomfortable, unsafe, and may even cause ancillary medical issues, such as stiff muscles or skin irritation. What is the solution? For many doctors, assisted living facilities, and in-home providers, the answer is obvious, a Hill-Rom bed. Hill-Rom is widely recognized as the leading provider of hospital and homecare beds and is widely recognized in the assisted living and in-home care industries. Hill-Rom beds aren’t just meant for care providers. They’re also available for use in your home. At Med Mart, we’re proud to be an authorized Hill-Rom dealer. Hill-Rom offers a variety of models for specific needs and budgets. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the right bed for you or your loved one. Not sure if a Hill-Rom bed is right for you? Below are a few reasons why Hill-Rom is the bed brand of choice for many doctors and care providers. If these features and benefits are high on your priority list, you may want to focus your bed search on a Hill-Rom model.


When you’re dealing with a serious injury or illness, mental well-being is also the biggest part of the battle. It’s easy to get discouraged or frustrated. The more that can be done to keep you happy and positive, the easier it will be to manage your condition and your limitations. Hill-Rom understands this, which is why they focus on comfort in their bed designs. They include two helpful features in many of their models. One is Auto Contour, in which the bed automatically shifts and aligns to support whatever you may be in. Another is Shearless Pivot, which limits sheet movement on the bed. That prevents you from “sliding” or migrating in the bed, and it also helps manage skin irritation and limits the development of bed sores. Another big issue for bed-bound individuals is muscle and joint stiffness and blood flow issues. A wide range of movements and positions can limit those issues. On many Hill-Rom beds, including the bestselling CareAssist ES Medical Surgical Bed and the Advanta 2, there are one-button movement controls built right into the side of the bed. This means you or your loved one can get themselves into their desired position with limited or no assistance. Comfort is of utmost important to anyone bound to their bed. It’s even better if they can control their own comfort. Hill-Rom gives them that ability with easy controls and built-in protections against discomfort and irritation.


If comfort is the top priority with a care bed, then safety is right near the top of the list as well. Whenever anyone is getting in and out of bed with limited mobility, safety is always a concern. All Hill-Rom beds have adjustable heights so you can find the safest entry and exit point. In fact, the Hill-Rom 100 Low Bed adjusts to as low as 8.5” to eliminate the risk of a dangerous fall from a high level and to accommodate even the most difficult transfers. Additionally, most Hill-Rom beds come with additional safety features like zero-gap siderails, a “brake not set” alarm, and multiple patient care assist handles. Sidebars are adjustable and even removable so you have plenty of room to maneuver in and out of the bed.

Caregiver Convenience

The bed isn’t just important to the patient. It’s also an important asset for the caregiver. Whether you will be using the bed yourself or caring for a loved one, you will both rely on the bed for a wide range of tasks and activities. As a caregiver, you may need to transfer your loved one in and out of the bed. Hill-Rom’s beds are all uniquely fitted with ergonomic handles to give you the leverage you need for a successful transfer. You may also need to move the bed to different areas of the home. Some Hill-Rom beds, such as the CareAssist Medical Surgical Bed, have a fifth wheel to give you more control and direction. The Advanta 2 bed comes with integrated technology to help with a complete caregiving experience. With a built-in scale, caregivers can get weight information without having to perform a transfer. The built in call system allows your patient or loved to can easily reach you or a caregiver in the case of an emergency. You likely have many decisions on your plate right now and a wide range of potential costs and home modifications. The bed is one component that you don’t want to shortchange. The mattress is another. The right mattress can aid in the prevention of skin irritation, muscle cramping, poor blood flow, and more. If you or your loved one will be spending significant time in bed, it will play a critical role in the recovery. There’s a reason why so many hospitals and care facilities trust Hill-Rom. When you buy a Hill-Rom bed, you know it has been designed for the patient’s comfort and safety, and with caregiver convenience in mind. Contact us today at Med Mart. We welcome the opportunity to help you find the right Hill-Rom bed for your needs.