Why Pay Cash for an Oxygen Concentrator?

Are you or a loved one in need of an oxygen concentrator? Many people rely on these machines, and buying an oxygen concentrator means that you’ll no longer need to order oxygen tank refills. You’ll have the convenience of using oxygen available to you right at home, but concentrators can be pricey to purchase.

Let’s take a look at the options you have when it comes time to buy an oxygen concentrator.

Insurance Coverage for Oxygen Concentrators

Your first instinct may be to rely on insurance to help with the purchase of an oxygen concentrator, but there can be some downfalls with this method. Insurance companies may only partially cover the purchase of an oxygen concentrator, or they may put restrictive specifications on the concentrator that they will cover. Your options may be limited by your insurance company, and it can take time for insurance to approve and process the purchase of an oxygen concentrator.

If you do want to explore the option of insurance coverage, the best thing to do is to call your insurance company and ask if and how they would cover the oxygen concentrator. Just be sure to have your prescription handy during the call.

Paying Cash

One of the most popular ways of financing an oxygen concentrator purchase is to pay cash or to pay out of pocket. Paying cash greatly speeds up the process, meaning that you’ll soon have your oxygen concentrator by your side and ready to use. Additionally, you’re able to choose from different concentrators without having to worry about insurance restrictions or specifications. You can choose the concentrator that suits your life and your needs.

Renting an Oxygen Concentrator

Renting an oxygen concentrator is also an option, though it’s usually best for short, temporary usage. You may consider renting a concentrator if your own machine needs repairs, or if you’re looking for something lightweight to take on vacation. However, the cost of renting a concentrator long-term can be prohibitive; economically, buying is usually the better option.

Other Financing Options for Your Oxygen Concentrator

Don’t forget that you have other financing options available to you. If you don’t have the cash on hand for a big purchase, MedMart offers financing which allows you to divide the purchase into 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments. You’ll be able to start using the concentrator right away without having to pay for the entire purchase up-front.

Whatever method you use to buy your oxygen concentrator, we’re happy to help you pick out the model that’s just right for you.