Mobility Scooter vs. Powered Wheelchair: Key Questions to Ask Yourself

If you struggle with mobility and would like to go where you want, when you want, then some type of motorized aid is probably a good solution. It will enable you to become more independent and enjoy a variety of activities that you might not be able to otherwise.

There are two basic types of motorized devices: mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs. Depending on your individual needs and choice of activities, one might be more appropriate than the other. Below, we’ll examine some key issues that can help you choose the best mobility device for your situation.

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3 Steps for Choosing the Right Mobility Vehicle for Your Unique Needs

Determine whether or not you will be making an insurance claim for the power wheelchair or scooter.

Power Mobility Equipmen are usually covered only once every five years by a person’s insurance provider. With that in mind, you really have to consider what you short- to long-term needs are. In our experience, a power wheelchair is more durable, has safer transfers, a much smaller turning radius, and are overall more flexible and viable for a variety of situations.

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