Stay Safe on Your Mobility Scooter This Summer

The summer is the perfect time to get out and do some exploring. Go on vacation, head to a local fair or festival, or just spend some time outside to enjoy the great weather. When you take your mobility scooter out this summer, we want you to be safe, so please take a look at these mobility scooter safety tips. 

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How Other Cultures Take Care of Their Elderly

Different cultures have different views, traditions, and methods of providing care for their elderly. From the use of assisted living facilities to the expectations of a family’s role as a parent ages, you’ll find some significant differences in care methods. Let’s take a look at the different approaches to senior care that are most common in three cultures.

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Can You Fit Your Gluteus Maximus (Butt) in That Scooter?

When you’re shopping for a scooter, powerchair, or wheelchair, you’ll probably be focused on features and price. But just because a scooter offers the features that you want and is priced within your budget doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s right for you. There’s one important other element you need to consider: The overall fit of the scooter, powerchair, or wheelchair.

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Signs You Might Need a Mobility Scooter

Have you been considering investing in a mobility scooter? Scooters are excellent mobility tools. They’re more versatile in terms of transportation than power chairs, yet still give you plenty of support and power to run errands, go on vacation, or just get around throughout the house.

Think you might need a mobility scooter? Here are four signs to watch for.

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The Real Truth About the Benefits of Walk-in Tubs

Walk-in tubs offer many benefits. They’re easy to navigate, especially for anyone with an injury or a physical limitation. These tubs make for simplified caregiving, and even offer increased safety over traditional tubs, since you don’t need to balance as you step over a high ledge.

But before you buy a walk-in tub, it’s important to do your research. Walk-in tubs aren’t all equal in their quality or construction. If you call a walk-in tub company, you’ll quickly find yourself down a slippery slope of marketers calling you over and over again. These marketers don’t always have your best interest in mind. To protect yourself, make sure you ask about the following features and benefits about each tub you consider.

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5 Reasons to Own a Lift Chair Recliner

Lift chair recliners make great additions to any home, but they’re particularly helpful for seniors or anyone who has mobility limitations. These chairs give you all of the benefits of a standard recliner, but also help you back to your feet again when you’re ready to get up.

Thinking of adding a lift chair recliner to your home? Here are five great reasons to buy a lift chair recliner.

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