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CEP was developed by Medi, the world leader in medical compression. Medi has extensive compression knowledge as well as modern production, storage and commissioning systems at their disposal.

In 2007, Medi launched the most advanced sports compression socks on the market, CEP compression sport socks. Driven by their 50 years of experience in medical compression, CEP compression sportswear sets the standard for compression sportswear and creates a whole new market for the sports specialty retailer to capitalize on.

Every athlete profits from properly designed compression products and according to the latest scientific research conducted, CEP compression provides additional oxygen to the musculature. This consequently opens a new market: functional sports clothing with compression, i.e. compression sportswear. Together with customers and partners, it is CEP's goal to become a qualitative and quantitative leader on the compression sportswear market and to continue to develop within this field.

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