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Having a good, quality wheelchair cushion can help to make your time in your wheelchair more comfortable. Wheelchair cushions help to protect your buttocks and upper legs from the seat of the wheelchair. As you use your wheelchair, the cushion may gradually compress and wear out. Replacing the cushion can revitalize your chair and make its use more comfortable for you.

Wheelchair cushions serve a variety of purposes. They cushion your body from the wheelchair seat, making for a more comfortable seat. Cushions also help to absorb the shock and impact as your wheelchair travels over bumps and uneven terrain. Finally, wheelchair cushions can help to prevent chafing as you move against the seat.

Wheelchair cushions are made of many different materials. Here you will find wheelchair cushions made of gel, gel foam, foam, and more. All of the materials used in these cushions help to absorb shock and compress themselves to support you comfortably.

You will find that the styles and designs of these wheelchair cushions vary. Some cushions are designed for very specific purposes, such as relieving pressure on the coccyx. Some are molded to offer you increased support and security. Others are flat, but are designed to compress and cup your body, allowing for a customized fit.

The wheelchair cushions here are made by top medical equipment manufacturers, including Drive Medical, Invacare, Jay, Karman, Mason Medical, and Medline. These cushions are available in a wide price range and include basic models to cushions which are state-of-the-art.

If you find that your wheelchair has become uncomfortable lately, check the condition of your wheelchair cushion. Replacing the cushion may solve the problem.

Pay Attention to Weight Capacities

When buying a wheelchair cushion, you’ll find that each cushion is identified with a particular weight capacity. Make sure that you choose a cushion with a suitable weight capacity – exceeding a cushion’s weight capacity can make the cushion ineffective.

Consult Your Doctor

While a worn-out wheelchair cushion can cause discomfort, it’s also important to make sure that your pain isn’t caused by a medical issue. Be sure to consult your doctor about any pain that you are experiencing.


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