Simplicity Plus Stair Lift

By Handicare


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About the Simplicity Plus

The Simplicity Plus is a stylish solution to climbing straight staircases. This stairlift features a design which maximizes your safety on the stairs, giving you access to various floors of your home.

The Simplicity Plus is built with a sliding track which is slightly shorter than the length of the stairs. This design means that the stairlift stops slightly before you reach the top or bottom of the staircase, making it safer for you to get on and off of the stairlift. Additionally, this stairlift features a swivel seat with either auto or manual control. Being able to swivel the seat when you reach the top of the stairs makes getting on and off the lift easier.

The Simplicity Plus includes powered options if you would like them. In addition to choosing a manual or powered swivel seat, you can also choose a manual or powered foldable footplate. When the stairlift is not in use, the footplate can be folded up to minimize the amount of space taken up by the stairlift, making it easier for others to navigate the stairway.

This stairlift features an elegant and stylish design which is sure to fit into any home. You can choose from six different upholstery colors to make sure that your stairlift is just right for your home décor.

Why the Simplicity Plus Is Right for You

The Simplicity Plus is a quality stairlift designed with an eye for both safety and style. The stairs are a notoriously difficult and dangerous area of your home to navigate if you're injured, weak, or have poor balance. Installing the Simplicity Plus can immediately restore your access to the different floors of your home, letting you enjoy your entire home once again.

The Simplicity Plus ships free, and financing is available so that you can start enjoying it right away. Thanks to MedMart's Low Price Guarantee, you'll know that you will be getting this stairlift for the lowest price anywhere. 

Product Highlights
  • The Simplicity+ combines the continuous charge track of the Simplicity with the seat of the 1000
  • The upholstery is available in a selection of six colours
  • The Simplicity+ offers the choice of manual or powered folding footplate and swivel options
  • Auto or manual foldable footplate: where the footplate can be folded up to reduce the amount of space taken up by the stairlift
  • Auto or manual swivel seat: the seat swivels to face the landing as you reach the top of the stairs, making it easier to get off
  • Manual hinged track: The hinged track is the ideal solution for homes where the stairs finish next to a doorway. The hinged track allows the bottom section of the track to be folded away, avoiding potential obstruction
Weight Capacity: 309 lbs
Min. Folded Width to Footplate: 14.5"
Min. Open Width to Edge of Footplate: 22.5"
Armrest Width (internal): 18"
Footplate to Seat Height: 17-21.5"
Min. Footplate Height: 2.75"
Min. Track Intrusion Into Staircase: 7.25"
Seat Depth: 16.75"
Min. Swivel Radius: 25.75"
10-Year Limited