Air Pressure Mattress

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  1. Enhance DX Mattress System
    Enhance DX Mattress System
    • Slimline pump can be set to either static or alternating pressure
    • Pressure mapping
    • Durable woven polyester bottom cover with PVC lining for infection control
  2. Rhythm Turn Lateral Rotation Mattress
    Rhythm Turn Lateral Rotation Mattress
    • Auto Firm provides immediate firm surface
    • Integrated glide sheet to base cover for easy transferring
    • Visual and audio alarm for low pressure and power failure with alarm mute function
    As low as $3,200.00
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  3. Duet Alternating LAL Mattress with Rotation
    Duet Alternating LAL Mattress with Rotation
    • Low air loss therapy
    • Auto – automatically sets optimal pressure based on weight/height and position
    • Large LCD display
    As low as $4,895.00
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Filter Your Results: 3 results

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When it comes to maximizing patient comfort and preventing skin issues such as pressure ulcers or skin shearing, many professionals refer to air pressure mattresses. An air pressure mattress provides more pressure distribution than your average mattress can, and also helps to avoid the creation of pressure points.

Most air pressure mattresses feature alternating pressure. Powered by a motor, the pressure in various parts of the bed can be increased and decreased. This alternating pressure helps to prevent the sinking feeling that you get when you lie on a spring mattress for too long. Additionally, as the pressure changes, it helps to release the pressure that may have developed between your body and the mattress. This promotes better blood circulation, which helps to keep your skin healthy.

Bedsores and pressure sores develop when you stay in one position on one mattress for too long. Air pressure mattresses, with their alternating pressure, can be an excellent defense against the development of bedsores. Because you can adjust the pressure of the mattress, you can immerse yourself in the mattress, further distributing your pressure across a greater surface. You'll also find that many air pressure mattresses have special mattress toppers to help reduce moisture, too, which contributes to skin health.

Air pressure mattresses are used in professional rehabilitation settings, but they are also ideal for home use. Most mattresses can be rolled up and easily stored away when not in use.

You will have a variety of air pressure mattresses to choose from. Be sure to keep factors like motor settings, mattress size, weight capacity, price, and backups for power outages in mind when you shop for a mattress that's right for you.