PressureGuard® Span-Care® Convertible Mattress

By Span America

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Span America Pressureguard Span-Care convertible mattress has self-adjusting system of synchronized air cylinders and pressure relief valves that provides the correct level of immersion and envelopment for any user. Span-Care convertible air therapy surface is engineered to empower busy caregivers with an ideal blend of high-end performance and trouble-free ease of use. In non-powered mode, use the Span-Care convertible for pressure injury prevention in at-risk patients, early intervention of existing pressure injuries, or when a step-down surface is called for.

Add the simple, digital control unit (optional) when powered treatment modalities are necessary. Adjustable comfort settings, audible low pressure alarm and a timed auto-firm mode ensure maximum usability. In either mode, the Span-Care convertible delivers an unmatched combination of extreme patient comfort, crucial safety and stability, proven pressure management and maintenance-free reliability.

The cover’s enhanced features include the unique design of the anti-microbial bi-directional stretch cover made with Span’s superior LifeSpan® fabric. LifeSpan® is extremely durable and cleanable and delivers outstanding resistance to chemical breakdown caused by bleach and other harsh disinfectants with its polycarbonate-fortified coating.

Span care convertible:

  • Non-powered reactive air pressure redistribution
  • Powered therapy when easy-to-use control unit is connected
  • Treatment of stage 1-4 pressure injuries
  • Prevention for high risk patients

Control unit (optional) for powered therapy:

  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-connect control unit
  • Push-button therapy selection with adjustable comfort settings
  • Alternating pressure and timed auto-firm

Shear transfer zones:

  • Creates shear-minimizing bands beneath heels, sacrum and scapula
  • Helps “glide” user to original position following gatching
  • Provides overall stability while offsetting friction
  • Polycarbonate-fortified, cleanable LifeSpan® cover

Geo-Matt style foam topper:

  • 2" deep topper reduces shear to underlying tissues
  • More than 800 individually-articulating cells
  • Redistributes pressure, reduces heat and skin moisture buildup
  • Heel Slope™ designed to further reduce heel pressure

Safety edge design:

  • Patented inner bolster ’cradling effect’ for user safety
  • Unmatched edge-of-bed stability
  • Helps ensure safer transfers
  • Minimizes risk of falls and entrapment

Key advantages:

  • Minimized shearing through Geo-Matt® surface geometry and Shear Transfer Zones® on bi-directional stretch cover
  • Minimized risk of falls and bed entrapment through Safety Edge™ bolster design
  • Flexible treatment modalities, including alternating pressure and powered flotation
  • Easy-to-use, easy-to-connect control unit (optional)
Product Highlights
  • Span care convertible
  • Control unit (optional) for powered therapy
  • Shear transfer zones
  • Geo-Matt style foam topper
  • Safety edge design
Weight capacity: Supports up to 500 lbs. (400 in powered mode)
42” models: 700 lbs. (600 in powered mode).
Weight of mattress: 25 lbs. (approx.)
Weight of control unit: 6.3 lbs.
Mattress Height: 7"
UL Listed: Yes
Brochure (541.36 kB)
Algorithm (181.05 kB)
60 Days

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