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  1. Proactive Medical Protekt® Fiber Mattress w/ Nylon cover - Main Image
    Protekt® Fiber Homecare Mattress
    • Made with durable materials for years of use
    • More lightweight that traditional innerspring mattress
    • Inverted seams provide patient comfort and caretaker convenience
  2. PrevaMatt Defend Pressure Relief Mattress
    PrevaMatt Defend Pressure Relief Mattress
    • Fit for prevention and Stage I treatments
    • Reduces risk of pressure-related injuries
    • Designed with breathable, cooling construction
    As low as $436.00
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If you are looking for a comfortable mattress which provides you with plenty of support, a foam mattress will generally fit the bill. Foam mattresses are a bit firmer than air mattresses are, so they provide more in terms of support. Foam mattresses are excellent for patients who need support but who are at mid- to low-risk of skin shearing.

As you look at foam mattresses for sale, you will find that they are made of different types of foam, and they offer different levels of support. Many mattresses are made with different layers and zones of foam to help redistribute pressure, support your body, and prevent the development of pressure sores or skin shearing. If you were to look at the interior construction of most foam mattresses, you might find that multiple layers of foam surround your torso for support, while a softer foam in the head and foot area provides comfort.

Take a look at the foam mattresses that we have listed for sale. You'll find that they are often designed to fulfill different needs. Some foam mattresses help to reduce heat and keep you cool as you sleep, while others are specifically designed to redistribute pressure.

As you decide which mattress is right for you, don't forget to consider the weight capacity. Foam can be compressed to the point where it will no longer compress further. This “bottoming out” effect can occur when a mattress' weight capacity is exceeded, and can leave you at risk of developing pressure sores.

Foam mattresses are available in a wide range of options, and they tend to be quite affordable. Whether replacing a mattress or looking for a temporary solution while you recover from an injury, a foam mattress often makes a good choice.