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  1. Flex-a-bed 185 Hi-Low Series SL Adjustable Bed - Main Image
    185 Hi-Low Series SL Adjustable Bed
    • Deluxe innerspring mattress available in soft, medium, or firm
    • Hand controls available in wired or wireless
    • Mattress fabrics treated with Bioguard™ to prevent bacterial growth
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  2. Flex-a-bed Value Flex Adjustable Bed - Main Image
    Value Flex Adjustable Bed
    • Available in twin, full, queen, split queen and split king sizes
    • Not available with massage
    • Standard innerspring mattress available in soft, medium, or firm
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  3. Flex-a-bed Premier Adjustable Bed - Main Image
    Premier Adjustable Bed
    • One Touch Wireless or Wired Control/Controls: Easy to use control or controls (Split Queen/Split King).
    • Whisper Quiet Lintak Motor Technology: Smooth quiet movement.
    • 8 inch foundation profile: high-density, heavy duty padded base made with Advantech® material that will not warp, break or squeak.
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We spend a good portion of our lives in bed. If you are sick or injured, that time in bed increases exponentially. Lying flat on your back becomes uncomfortable after a while, and you cannot easily read or watch television from that single position.

Adjustable beds allow you to adjust your position according to your physical needs and activities. By elevating your feet and legs, you can raise yourself up into a sitting position. Being able to change positions helps to improve your comfort, especially if you're in bed for long periods of time. Adjustable beds allow you to achieve positions which help to relieve pain as you recover from an injury, and changing positions also increases your blood circulation. For someone who is on bed rest, changing positions can help them to reduce the occurrence of pressure sores.

Adjustable beds are electrically powered, and are operated by means of a corded or remote hand held control. They are typically larger than most hospital beds and nursing home beds – essentially, adjustable beds are full-size beds which are motorized. An adjustable bed will fit seamlessly into your bedroom décor.

As you shop for adjustable beds, you'll see that there are many customization options. Some beds are available with massage packages, which can further aide in relaxation and can help to reduce muscle aches and pains. If you sleep with a partner, then you might consider investing in a bed with divided sections, so that each section can be operated independently of the other.

Adjustable beds are a great way to improve your comfort while you sleep or relax in bed. Adjustable beds make excellent homecare beds, thanks to their multiple settings and versatile positions.