WeCare Hi-Low Homecare Bed

By Joerns

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WeCare Bed by Joerns is a homecare bed that offers you all the necessary functions and features you want to let your patient rest and sleep while ensuring safety. Its durable structure allows you to easily use it in any healthcare facility. The best part is that it is a perfect option for those who want a comfortable medical bed in their homes. Whether patients are on complete bed rest or bedridden, the WeCare Bed helps to prevent problems like back soreness and rashes. Hence, it helps you limit the risk of health conditions that occur due to less or no movements of the body. People who are overweight can use this homecare bed without worrying about any health issues. This is because it comes with a weight capacity of 400 lbs. You might also want to know that the product weight is around 145 lbs, which gives the bed strength, durability, and a long lifespan.

This homecare bed offers you confidence while sitting or getting up from the bed with foot placement and full-range stability. You find it easier to get out or in the bed because of its height adjustment feature. It also offers low bed height for fall prevention. So if you worry that you, your loved ones, or any patient can fall from the bed, you can keep the bed at a low height. In addition to that, the most amazing benefit of this medical bed is its intuitive ergonomic hand pendant. This feature also comes with an integrated hook and 8-function control. As a result, you feel more control and set the complete bed height or only its back height according to your requirements. Joerns have designed this bed by considering the ergonomic rules in order to make it more comfortable and accessible to people.

This WeCare homecare bed offers you flexible sizing with more than 42” W and 84” L. You can adjust it according to the height and requirements of the user. It is important to note that it simplifies repositioning the bed with its four wheels. Based on the patient’s need, you can move it anywhere and at any time easily and effortlessly. Not to mention, you don’t even need help to move it – just push it to move. Another you might want to know is that it has an innovative dolly stair climber. Patients who find it hard to get on the bed can use this feature. When it comes to storage, the process is easy and simple. Its split frame design folds its part or removes some of them so that you can keep the bed in a compact place when not using. You also don’t need to worry about the installation, as you can easily set the removed parts and unfold the bed. Being able to move, install, or store the bed on your own reduce stress and problems for you. You might struggle to find a bed that comes with a warranty. But the WeCare Bed by Joerns offers you a 7-years warranty. It is important to note that this bed comes with different warranties for every part. For instance, it gives you a 1-year warranty for mechanical or electric parts and a 7-year warranty for its structure. Keep in mind that the warranty starts on the date you have bought the bed.

WeCare bed by Joerns offers you an extremely comfortable and relaxing surface that gives you ease when you are already dealing with health problems. It provides you some exceptional features like a low height adjustment option, high mobility, excellent safety, and much more. The WeCare bed is a premium quality bed that helps you get the best medical care possible. Most importantly, you can use this bed for any purpose like medical care in a health facility, home care for the elderly, or simply as a comfy bed for families. Unlike other pricey and low-quality beds, the WeCare bed is now offered at a great value.

Product Highlights
  • Enhance confidence entering/exiting the bed with full range stability and foot placement.
  • The split-frame design combines easy, one-person delivery with ultra-low bed height for fall prevention
  • Intuitive ergonomic hand pendant with 8-function control and integrated hook
  • Improve comfort, simplify repositioning, and reduce falls risk
  • Easy to transport and store with innovative dolly stair climber accessory
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
Product Weight: 145 lbs
Width: 35"
Length: 80
Bed Height: 8.75 to 26"
Overall Length: 84"
Underbed Clearance: 18"
Power Requirements: 120 VAC, 60 Hz


Warranty – 1 year mechanical / electrical, 7 year structure, life welds. The Joerns® WeCare™ bed is guaranteed for a period of one year from the date of delivery, against defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use and service. This one-year warranty includes all mechanical and electrical components. Steel structural components on beds are covered under warranty for a period of 7 years from the date of delivery. Welds are covered under warranty for the lifetime1 of the product. Damage caused by use in unsuitable environmental conditions, abuse or failure to maintain the product in accordance with user and service instructions is not covered. Any alteration, modification, or repair, unless performed by or authorized in writing by Joerns Healthcare, will void this warranty. Parts Joerns beds contain various parts that wear from normal use. These parts, such as DC batteries, are not covered under the one-year warranty, but are covered for 90 days after date of delivery. Joerns Healthcare’s obligation under this warranty is limited to supplying replacement parts, servicing or replacing, at its option, any product that is found by Joerns Healthcare to be defective. Warranty replacement parts are covered by the terms of this warranty until the product’s original one-year warranty period expires. When requested by Joerns Healthcare, parts must be returned for inspection at the customer’s expense. Credit will be issued only after inspection. Service Most service requests can be handled by the facility Maintenance Department with assistance from the Joerns Healthcare Product Service Department. Most parts requested can be shipped next day air at the customer’s expense. Should a technician be required, one will be provided by Joerns Healthcare, at our discretion. Only the Joerns Healthcare Product Service Department can dispatch authorized technicians. This warranty is extended to the original purchaser of the equipment.
Beds that are delivered, are exempt from return. If defective or damaged, please send images to helpdesk@medmart.com so we can do a full replacement or a part replacement. Please contact the customer service number listed on your emailed order confirmation for assistance within 72 hours of delivery. Defects discovered more than 72 hours after the mattress or foundation has been delivered may be covered by the manufacturer's warranty, if any.

How to Buy: Homecare Beds Advice from the experts

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How to Buy: Homecare Beds Advice from the experts

The experts at Med Mart show you how to choose a Homecare Bed.

Get More Help