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  1. MedPlus CompleteCare Homecare Bed
    MedPlus CompleteCare Homecare Bed
    • Height settings – low setting at 7 inches (low level for those concerned of falling out of the bed) to a max height of 23 inches
    • Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg– (various activities, watch tv, read a book, eat a meal, etc)
    • Open architecture frame design allows for any type of safe patient handling equipment, out of bed transfers, and easy cleanability
    As low as $2,645.00
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  2. WeCare Hi-Low Homecare Bed
    WeCare Hi-Low Homecare Bed
    • Enhance confidence entering/exiting the bed with full range stability and foot placement
    • The split-frame design combines easy, one-person delivery with ultra-low bed height for fall prevention
    • Intuitive ergonomic hand pendant with 8-function control and integrated hook
    As low as $1,995.00
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Filter Your Results: 3 results

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Long term beds are designed to maximize a patient's comfort when they must spend significant amounts of time in bed. These beds are versatile and electrically powered, and their adjustability helps to both maximize patient comfort and make caregiving easier.


Long term beds feature both head and knee adjustments so that the patient can sit up comfortably in bed. This action helps to avoid pressure sores by changing the patient's position, and also increases circulation after lying flat in bed for hours. Changing positions can also help to relieve muscle cramping and discomfort, and makes it easier for the patient to enjoy activities like watching TV or reading.


These homecare beds are also height adjustable, so you can change the height of the bed depending on what is needed at a particular time. Raise the bed to make interacting with and caring for the patient easier, and lower the bed when you're getting ready to transfer the patient.


Ordering a long term bed gives you the chance to customize many of the bed's features. You will often have the chance to select the bed's size, control type, and mattress. Some beds give you the chance to choose the head and foot panel colors. You will also select whether you need bed rails, and the type of bed rails that you need.


When ordering a long term bed, make sure that the bed's dimensions will fit in the room where you're planning on locating the bed. You will also want to check the bed's weight capacity to make sure that it can accommodate the patient.


Long term beds are designed to be comfortable for patients, and are easy to use. They minimize the amount of physical work required of the caregiver, and their motorized position changes make for a comfortable experience for the patient.