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Hospital Beds for Home

Home Hospital Beds: Custom Comfort for Immobile Patients

Hospital beds are designed to provide top-quality care for a loved one. When a person is recovering from an injury or needs to spend a significant amount of time in bed, the average bed may not meet their needs. Home care beds include features to accommodate a patient's specific needs, keeping them comfortable and healthy.

Home care medical beds are available in different styles, but most are adjustable. The ability to raise a bed's head and foot areas is essential to patient comfort and well-being. Adjusting the bed can relieve pressure on the patient's body, helping reduce bedsores. Position changes also improve circulation and provide a comfortable option for reading, watching TV, and talking to friends and family.

How Do Medical Beds Differ from Standard Beds?

Safety is essential for anyone confined to bed for a long time, and home care beds are designed to maximize safety in your home. They’re available with bedrails for increased security, and bedrails may be purchased separately. From safety release systems to built-in nightlights, medical home care beds are built with excellent attention to patient safety.

Can hospital beds for the home improve a loved one’s quality of life? We think so—these beds allow our most mobile patrons to enjoy 24-hour freedom, access, and independence. The beds are also flexible through all of life’s changes. 

If you’re in recovery, your adjustable bed will be just as valuable for you when you’re on your feet again. Patients with lifelong mobility concerns will find that professional electric hospital beds always accommodate their most basic needs, even when things change later.

You’ll experience many advantages to caring for a loved one at home, including financial savings and the morale boost that being in the comfort of one’s own home provides a patient. Medical beds available in many different styles and designs suit your specific needs for home care. 

From long-term beds to bariatric beds to adjustable beds, these home care beds provide your loved one with comfort, support, and safety. You’ll experience many advantages to caring for a loved one at home, including financial savings and the morale boost that being in the comfort of one’s own home provides a patient.

Different Types of Hospital Beds for Home

Hospital beds for home come in many shapes, sizes, and capabilities. What’s the best way to know which of our bestsellers are right for you or your loved one?

Adjustable Hospital Beds for Home

Are fully-adjustable hospital beds right for you? We can’t deny the convenience and ease of use they offer. These ergonomically-minded home care beds make life’s tiny adjustments simple, often without the aid of a family member or provider.
While we love our old-school manual beds, we urge any patron with mobility limitations to consider any of our electric hospital beds. Automatic beds offer an enhanced sense of autonomy; everything you need sits right in the palm of your hand

Long-Term Hospital Beds for Home

Our long-term hospital beds are built for more than simply sleeping and resting. Our brand affiliates believe in everyday practicality—eating, entertainment, and everything in between. 

Life is more than just recovery; our best electric hospital beds will provide the safety and comfort you need.

Med-Surg Hospital Beds for Home

Medical-surgical hospital beds support your entire patient journey, from the first consultation to full recovery. 

These hospital beds for home use emulate the professional medical beds found in hospitals, the ICU, and other long-term recovery facilities. The beds are comfortable and adjustable and facilitate hands-on care, allowing easy assistance for caregivers and family members

Bariatric Hospital Beds

These heavy-duty, ultra-wide hospital beds for the home boast a higher capacity. Even the largest and tallest among us will be able to outfit their homes for care, comfort, safety, and convenience. Bed adjustability may also minimize the likelihood of bedsores and other injuries

Hospital Bed Mattresses

The right hospital bed mattress is supportive, customizable, and, ideally, protected against issues like incontinence. Some of our best med-surg mattresses can even modulate and redistribute pressure, cradling the body no matter what position you prefer to rest or sleep.

Bed Packages

MedMart makes completing your home easy. We invite you to browse our selection of bed packages, allowing you to outfit your living space as quickly as possible.

Discover a better way of living—no matter what life throws your way. Check out our entire catalog of hospital beds for home online. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have.