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The iReliev Back Pain Relief System helps to relieve acute and chronic pain of the lumber or low back with use of soft compression and electrical stimulation. With eight preset therapy modes, you can quickly customize your therapy and target your back pain. Powered by the Dual Channel iReliev TENS Device, this all in one system delivers harmless electrical impulses where you need it most.  The iReliev Back Pain Relief System has built-in electrodes make it easy to self fit. Our tapered cut is perfect to fit the contours of the low back securely for precise contact and placement. Simply wrap the garment around your waist to deliver soothing uninterrupted electrostimulation therapy. It is a One Size Fits Most (with the adjustable wrap extender it fits up to a 70" waist). With the built-in electrodes there is no need to replace disposable electrode pads which saves you money. Also, there is no conductive gel required. All you need to do is just simply slightly moisten the electrodes. It can be discreetly worn under clothes. The back wrap is Latex Free! With the electrodes built in, there are no lead wires.

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