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Zero Gravity Infinite Position Lift Chairlift chairs offer you countless position choices so you can find the exact position that works best for you. These versatile lift chairs help you back to your feet when you're ready to get up, and they offer you excellent comfort and relaxation.


Zero Gravity Infinite Position Lift Chair lift chairs often provide zero gravity positioning. Zero gravity positioning helps to relieve the stress on your body. The position evenly distributes your weight, elevates your legs, and increases your circulation. Zero gravity positioning can help to relieve back pain and can leave you feeling relaxed.


Since you will likely spend quite a bit of time in your infinite position lift chair, it's important to choose a chair which offers plenty of cushion and support. You will find that lift chairs are available with different back cushion designs, and some even allow you to remove some of the padding from the back of the chair for a customized fit. If lumbar support is important to you, then look for a chair which offers this specific feature.


Once you're done spending time in your chair, your lift chair will gradually lift up and forward, gently helping you back to your feet. This lift chair feature is particularly important if you are weak, have poor balance, or are injured, all factors which make getting to your feet again a challenge. Your infinite position lift chair will let you recline without worry, since you can always get to your feet quickly if you need to use the bathroom or answer the phone.


Infinite position lift chairs allow anyone to relax in peace. They're ideal for helping to soothe sore muscles at the end of a day, or for elevating your legs and increasing your circulation. Infinite position chairs can leave you feeling rested and refreshed.