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Sirocco Shower Stretcher

By Lopital

SKU# LT61002400 / Item ID # 35691

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Lopital Sirocco shower stretcher is a medical device for caring for and washing clients in an ergonomically responsible manner. Sirocco shower stretcher is multi-functional in use and corresponds to the use of other devices such as beds, wheelchairs and shower chairs, hoisting equipment and sliders. Sirocco stretcher is fitted with a 68.9" water drainage outlet hose fitted on right-hand side (standard) when viewed from the operating side.

Product Highlights
  • Emergency stop
  • Mattress has 7.9" sill
  • Battery easy to change
  • Maximum load 330 lbs.
  • Emergency lowering device
  • Easy-to-use manual control
  • Electrically operated height adjustability
  • Hinged safety rail, coated stainless steel
  • Incorporates wall mounted battery charger
  • Ideal as shower stretcher and changing table
  • Suitable for bathrooms with minimal ceiling height of 90.6"
  • Stretcher, head and foot boards made from polycarbonate
  • Height adjustability mechanism can be operated by manual control
  • The stretcher is constructed from coated steel with protective plastic trim
Outside Length: 78.75"
Outside Width: 32"
Inside Length: 74.80"
Inside Width: 23.60"
Lying surface height adjustment: 17" - 40.5"
Maximum weight capacity: 330 lbs.
Product weight: 180 lbs.
User Manual (924.02 kB)
Brochure (248.75 kB)
Parts (298.96 kB)
Instruction Card (249.75 kB)
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