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Innovative compact design: As the world’s first miniCPAP, you simply cannot beat the versatility and convenience of this legendary device. But don’t think that a small size equates to diminished performance. Rather, our miniCPAP offers all of the performance of a larger, in-home device, but in a more convenient and user-friendly package.

Sleep comfortably - anywhere: Forget about leaving your CPAP machine at home when traveling. With the miniCPAP, you’ll no longer have to let a big, bulky CPAP machine get in the way a good night’s sleep. Instead, you can move from room to room in your house, travel with freedom, and enjoy healthy, restful sleep wherever you are. Our miniCPAP is about the size of a soft drink can, and the entire unit weighs less than a pound! Stow it away in your briefcase, purse, or travel bag and sleep soundly wherever you go.

FAA approved for comfortable travel: Many travelers find themselves dreading the idea of in-flight sleep, but the miniCPAP is FAA-approved for use during plane flights! You can rest comfortably and wake up feeling refreshed with the Transcend miniCPAP. Today’s extended duration plane flights practically demand that you find time to sleep, so create a healthy and comfortable environment when traveling via plane.

No-risk, no-hassle in home trial: We are so confident that you will love your new miniCPAP, we’ll let you use it for a full 10 days to make sure it is the right device for your unique needs! Try the Transcend portable CPAP from the comfort of your own home. If you’re not 100% satisfied, simply return it for a refund. Learn more.

Nearly-silent operation: One of the key benefits of our miniCPAP is the whisper-quiet motor and unobtrusive design. You can conveniently use your Transcend miniCPAP anywhere without disrupting anyone around you - all thanks to the miniaturized design and sophisticated internals.

Award-winning device: The makers of miniCPAP are dedicated to bringing new technology to the market to enhance the lives of sleep apnea patients. Our miniCPAP was the recipient of the 2011 Medtrade Innovation Award, the 2011 Medtrade Provider’s Choice Award, and 2012 Best Practices Award for Product Differentiation in the Sleep Disordered Breathing Market.

Industry-leading warranty: We back our incredible device with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty that demonstrates our confidence in our miniCPAP. While others in the industry are content with offering a two-year warranty, we feel that our clients appreciate three full years of confidence-inspiring warranty coverage.

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