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Modular Ramps

  1. by PVI
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    From: $129.99

    To: $11,839.93

    The Modular XP® Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp with Handrails can be quickly assembled with common hand tools and can be moved or modified in the future.
    Length Width Weight Weight Capacity
    Built to Order 36" 1,000 lbs
  2. From: $699.99

    To: $13,329.95

    The Pathway 3G Solid Surface is a modular system built with universal components and interchangeable surfaces so you can design a ramp system just right for you.
    Length Width Weight Weight Capacity
    Built to Order 36" 190 lbs 1,000 lbs
  3. by EZ Access

    In Stock

    From: $869.99

    To: $25,573.98

    Durable, versatile, and designed with safety in mind, the Pathway HD ramp system is easy to install and is compliant with ADA, IBC, and OSHA codes.
    Length Width Weight Weight Capacity
    Built to Order 36" 250 lbs 1,000 lbs
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Modular ramps can be the perfect way to make an otherwise wheelchair inaccessible building accessible. Modular ramps provide a relatively inexpensive solution to accessibility issues, and can be used to overcome obstacles like stairs, inclines, or curbs and other obstacles.

Modular ramps may be used by homeowners to make their own homes accessible, but they’re also frequently used by building or business owners who need an accessibility solution. These ramps can often provide a permanent or temporary solution, making them versatile in their application.

Modular ramps consist of various parts. You can choose from ramps, stairs, and platforms to design a ramp system of your very own that works with your specific situation. Additionally, you will have the option to decide on ramp length, platform section size, and the number of stairs that you want to include, if any.

As you look for a modular ramp system, you will want to make sure that the ramp you purchase is wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs. (Most ramps come in a 36” width.) You should also look for a ramp which is textured to prevent slipping, and which has strong hand rails to provide additional stability to anyone using the ramp. It is also important to consider whether the ramp is designed to be weather-resistant, especially if you want the modular ramp to be a long-term accessibility solution.

Whether someone in your house now depends on a walker, scooter, or wheelchair, or you need an accessibility solution for your business, a modular ramp may be just the answer. 

Look for Easy Assembly

If you will be assembling your modular ramps yourself, then be sure to look for a ramp which features easy assembly. Many modular ramps offer tool-free assembly for easy setup. 

Be Sure You Buy Enough Ramp

If you’re dealing with a number of stairs or a steep incline, then you will need more ramp and more of a system than you would when dealing with just a few stairs. Purchasing too little ramp can create an incline which is dangerous or can’t be navigated. Use our ramp calculator to determine how much ramp you should have to make an incline safe to navigate. 


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