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Walkers are one of the most affordable walking aids available. Walkers have a basic construction which includes a frame designed to support your weight as you stand and transition from leg to leg while walking. They are designed to be lightweight and easy to move.

Many people use walkers as they age and find themselves in need of additional stability and support. Walkers are ideal for people who have poor balance or who are weak in one or both legs. Walkers are generally used long-term, but if you are regaining strength after an injury, you could potentially progress beyond needing a walker.

Walkers help to provide you with stability as you stand up and walk forward. They require two hands to operate, but allow you to heavily lean against them for added support when needed. Because walkers have four points of contact with the ground, they are highly stable. They are simple and easy to use – learning to use them takes a matter of minutes. Walkers typically have hand cushions to help keep your hands comfortable.

You will find that some walkers feature four legs, while others feature wheels on the front two of the four legs. Wheeled walkers are designed to roll across the ground as you move, rather than requiring you to lift up the walker with each step. Wheeled walkers can be locked into place by the use of hand brakes, but operating them requires a bit more coordination than standard walkers.

Walkers are lightweight and easy to load into a vehicle, but they take up significant space. Some walkers fold up to save space and make transporting them easier.

Walkers are versatile walking aids which can help to keep people mobile and independent.

Consider the Walker’s Weight

The weight of a walker can really affect how easy it is to use. Look for a walker which is lightweight but strong. When you’re moving about, the less weight that you have to pick up or push forward, the better.

Follow the Walker’s Weight Capacity

Like many other medical products, walkers have specific weight capacities. Make sure that you do not exceed a walker’s weight capacity – doing so could be dangerou

Consider a Walker with a Seat

Some walker models include a small seat that you can use as a resting place. If you plan on taking your walker out when running errands or traveling, this type of model can be a lifesaver when you need a place to sit down and rest before continuing on.


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