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  1. MedMartOnline.com ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Move Power Lift front view
    Maxi Move Powered DPS Patient Lift
    • Sling attachment for spreader bar, with a four-point keyhole clip system
    • Automatic safety cut-off if lowered onto an obstacle
    • A Battery Discharge Indicator (BDI) with color display to indicate remaining battery power level
    As low as $8,320.00
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  2. ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Twin
    Maxi Twin
    • Safe working load of 400 lbs (182 kg)
    • Suitable for all transfer and lifting routines, including lifting residents/patients up from the floor, due to the high and low lifting stroke and long reach
    • Dynamic Positioning System (PDPS)
    As low as $5,982.00
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  3. ArjoHuntleigh Maxi 500 Power Lift
    Maxi 500 Power Lift w/ DPS
    • Powered lift, two detachable batteries and battery charger supplied with each Maxi 500
    • Emergency stop and emergency lowering
    • Dual controls, allow caregiver to operate lift with or without handheld control unit
    As low as $4,798.00
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Electric patient lifts, also called power lifts, are designed to make patient transfers smooth, easy, and safe for both the patient and the caregiver. Electric lifts are battery powered and can be operated by the touch of a button, requiring little physical exertion on the part of the caregiver.


Electric lifts are battery powered so that the lift can be moved without the restriction of a power cord. Many lifts can charge batteries directly in the unit, but also offer an off-unit charging option. By alternating between two batteries, you can ensure that your power lift has no downtime. Electric lifts often include a battery monitoring system, and all electric lifts offer a manual override so that you can safely transfer a patient in the event of a power outage.


The base widening feature on an electric lift may be either manual or powered. Powered bases are advantageous over manually operated bases because they do not require the caregiver to bend over to adjust the base. When a caregiver is caring for multiple patients a day, this powered option can make a significant difference in the caregiver's comfort. Additionally, a powered base allows the caregiver to keep his or her attention focused on the patient during the transfer.


Power lifts typically cost more than manual lifts, but they also offer many valuable advantages. Power lifts reduce the physical demands on the caretaker, and they allow the caretaker to remain focused on the patient during the entire transfer. While powered patient lifts require that a battery be charged for use, this is a simple process when you have two batteries to alternate between.


Electric patient lifts are favored in many professional care settings, but home care settings may also benefit from their ease of use and the reduced physical demands of the caretaker.