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Full Body Slings

  1. $110.00
    These slings are available in Mesh fabric with or without commode opening. Solid fabric and bariatric sizes are also available.
    Material Weight Weight Capacity
    Mesh 4 lbs 400 lbs
  2. by Invacare
    5 5.00 0.00 2

    In Stock

    Invacare Full Body sling offers total head, neck and partial under-thigh support and comfort.
    Material Weight Weight Capacity
    No 4 lbs 450 lbs
  3. by Drive Medical

    In Stock

    The Drive Medical Full Body Mesh Slings are designed to support an individual during lift and transfer procedures.
    Material Weight Weight Capacity
    Mesh 2 lbs 600 lbs
  4. by Invacare

    In Stock

    The Comfort Slings transfer them from a horizontal to seated position, with an additional model if toileting is also required.
    Material Weight Weight Capacity
    No 4 lbs 500 lbs

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