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  1. Sara Stedy Sit-to-Stand Aid
    Sara Stedy Sit-to-Stand Aid
    • The innovative pivoting seat makes it easier for the resident / patient to get into the lift
    • The pedal-operated chassis legs can be easily adjusted for optimum access during transfers
    • Built-in seat handgrips integrated into the seat allow the caregiver to easily turn the support aid
    As low as $2,684.00
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  2. Handicare MiniLift 160 front left Med Mart
    MiniLift Sit-to-Stand Lift
    • Unique solution - extremely comfortable, active sit-to-stand with natural movement pattern
    • Ergonomic and easy-to-use hand control with 2 (EM) or 4 (EE) buttons
    • Soft, adjustable lower leg support
    As low as $2,230.00
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  3. Reliant RPS350 Sit-to-Stand Lift
    Reliant RPS350 Sit-to-Stand Lift
    • Base adjustments made manually
    • Legs secure in three positions for comfortable use at any height
    • Fast simple sling attachment
    As low as $4,300.00
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  4. C-1000 Power Traversion Bariatric Ceiling Lift
    C-1000 Power Traversion Bariatric Ceiling Lift
    • A variety of models and accessories for each patient's unique needs.
    • Easily operated with a pneumatic hand control for convenience
    • Flexibility and support with a variety of patient positions possible.
  5. Raizer Mobile Lifting Chair for Safe Patient Handling
    Raizer Mobile Lifting Chair for Safe Patient Handling
    • One assistant can use the chair to lift a fallen patient to a sitting or standing position in just a few minutes
    • Requires virtually no physical effort besides a supportive hand, which helps caregivers avoid serious injuries
    • Assemble and use in four easy steps with minimal disruption to the patient
  6. Protekt 600 Sit-to-Stand Lift
    Protekt 600 Sit-to-Stand Lift
    • 6 sling hooks allows for multiple sling options, safer patient handling and a wider range of transfers.
    • Ergonomically designed foot pedal offers hands free opening of base.
    • Dual rear locking casters.
  7. Protekt Onyx Hydraulic Patient Lift
    Protekt Onyx Hydraulic Patient Lift
    • Spreader bar allows for the use of 4- or 6-point slings, safer patient handling and a wider range of transfers.
    • High performance hydraulics raise and lower patients gradually and safely from any stationary position.
    • Dual rear locking casters.
  8. Protekt Take-A-Long Folding Patient Lift
    Protekt Take-A-Long Folding Patient Lift
    • Portable and foldable for easy storage and transportation.
    • Dual rear locking casters.
    • Battery powered with a high-capacity battery pack.
  9. Spryte Stand Aid Fixed Base
    Spryte Stand Aid Fixed Base
    • Padded seat for safe transports
    • Dual kneepads for secure transports
    • Patient needs strength and stability
    As low as $779.00
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What is a Patient Lift?

Patient lifts provide extra stability for mobility-impaired individuals during everyday transfers. They reduce caregiver strain and ensure loved ones can safety transition between environments without injuries. Whether you’re transferring from the bed to toilet, wheelchair to car, or any number or situations, we can help you find the perfect lift to accommodate your needs. 

Selecting a Patient Lift: Basic Types

Manual Lifts

Manual lifts gently lift the patient through hydraulic levers. These are affordable lift options, and do require a limited degree of caregiver manpower to operate. 

Electric Lifts

If you’d like to decrease the degree of caregiver strain when transferring, consider an electric lift. Powered by a battery pack or plug-in cord, these lifts can raise a patient with a push of a button. 

Portable Lifts

Portable lifts are designed to easily fold down when not in use or break apart for travel. Easily exit a car, or station this lift in various areas of your home to assist with daily transfers. 

Sit-to-Stand Lifts

For those with some degree of mobility who struggle only with rising from a seated position, a sit-to-stand lift is the solution. These lifts support a patient’s existing muscle control and strength, helping them safely rise to a standing position. 

Additional Specialty Lifts

There are a wide number of additional specialty lifts which are built to perfectly accommodate other transfer situations in everyday life. Consider installing a ceiling lift in your home to minimize caregiver strain and deliver an identical lift every time. Bath or pool lifts are excellent options for water transfers. In the case of bariatric patients, heavy-duty patient lifts are avaiable for any weight capacity. 

What Should I Consider When Purchasing a Patient Lift?

Caregiver strength: To what extent can the caregiver manually adjust, push, or carry the lift? If not at all, an electric lift may be a great fit. 

Weight: What patient weight requirement does your lift need to accommodate?

Portability: Where will you be using your lift? Do you need to move it between rooms? Fold it down for storage? Travel with it?

Size: Given the size of your living space, can your lift maneuver around tight corners or hallways? Will you be lifting from bulky furniture, requiring an adjustable base?

Add-ons: Consider which slings you’d like to use with your lift (mesh, U-shaped, padded, etc) and other add-ons such as integrated digital scales or back-up power batteries. 

If you have any questions about selecting the right patient lift for your needs, we encourage you to contact our team of product specialists!