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  1. Advance-E 340 Patient Lift
    Advance-E 340 Patient Lift
    • No-tools folding design and easy to transport
    • Easy to use foot-pad to open/close base
    • Intuitive Push Pad assists with initiating movement
  2. Molift Smart 150
    Molift Smart 150
    • Large lifting span that allows lifting from the floor as well as high surfaces
    • Folds and unfolds easily without using any tools and can be separated into two parts
    • Standard 4-point suspension ensures comfortable and more spacious lifting position for the user
  3. Hoyer Journey from
    Molift Quick Raiser 205
    • Slanting column lifts the user up and forwards to imitate a natural movement pattern
    • Active Lifting Arm (4-point sling bar) and the RgoSling Active provides extra support when hoisting from sit to stand
    • Automatic warning for (annual) periodic inspection and service
    As low as $4,520.00
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  4. Hoyer Journey from
    Journey 340
    • The adjustable cow-horn mechanism supports a wide range of patient sizes
    • The bump guard protects against base plates and paint finishes
    • Two (2) Batteries and Offboard Charger
  5. Advance-H Portable Patient Lift
    Advance-H Portable Patient Lift
    • Convenient push-footpad lowers force required to initiate movement
    • Swan neck leg design accommodates large furniture
    • Leg spreading is foot operated
  6. Handicare MiniLift 160 front left Med Mart
    MiniLift 160
    • Unique solution - extremely comfortable, active sit-to-stand with natural movement pattern
    • Ergonomic and easy-to-use hand control with 2 (EM) or 4 (EE) buttons
    • Soft, adjustable lower leg support
    As low as $2,230.00
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  7. Reliant RPS350
    Reliant RPS350
    • Base adjustments made manually
    • Legs secure in three positions for comfortable use at any height
    • Fast simple sling attachment
    As low as $3,785.00
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  8. Turner Pro
    Turner Pro
    • Reduces the risk of falls
    • Maximum user weight 441 lbs.
    • Compact size allows for easy transport and storage
  9. Molift Raiser Pro
    Molift Raiser Pro
    • The handle has a soft warm feel and is designed to provide optimal grip
    • Central mechanism makes braking convenient for the carer
    • With a gentle one-hand grip, the leg support is easily adjusted
  10. ArjoHuntleigh Lift Walker
    Lift Walker
    • Detachable Spade seat, used for lifting the client
    • Straight steering, to facilitate transportation in the corridor
    • Safety straps for body weight reduction and to ensure client safety
    As low as $5,535.00
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  11. Bathing Cushion + Airflo 12
    Bathing Cushion + Airflo 12
    • Fully waterproof hand control
    • Lifts up to 336lbs (24 stone)
    • Powered by low air pressure using the Airflo Mk3 power source
  12. Archimedes Bath Lift
    Archimedes Bath Lift
    • Battery operated – no dangerous power cables
    • Fully waterproof hand control
    • Safety feature: will only lower you into the bath when there is sufficient battery power to raise you back out again
  13. BathLyft Power Bath Lift
    BathLyft Power Bath Lift
    • High backrest, can be positioned and folded with one hand
    • Reclines to 45° at lowest position
    • Lowers to 3 inches
    As low as $399.95
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Filter Your Results: 15 results

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Patient lifts are designed to make patient transfers safer. They’re important tools in both home and professional care settings, and contribute to patient dignity, comfort, and safety.


Patient lifts are also important to caregiver safety. When transferring a patient manually, a caregiver must assume a large amount of the patient’s weight. The caregiver is often put into unnatural positions simply due to logistics of the transfer, which further contributes to the risk of caregiver injury. Finally, the repetitive nature of caregiving and transferring patients means a high injury rate in caregivers. With back injuries being particularly common, the benefits of a patient lift cannot be overlooked.


Lifts are designed to accommodate a wide range of demands and settings. Some lifts are portable and can be folded up for convenient storage. Others are designed to run on track systems installed in the ceiling overhead. Pool lifts and bath lifts provide specialized accommodations to make these particularly dangerous transfer settings safer. You will also find that some patient lifts include digital lift scales for multi-purpose use.


It’s also important to consider that some lifts are powered, while others require manual control. Both powered and manual lifts make transfers easier for both the patient and the caregiver. Powered lifts take less physical effort on the caregiver’s part, making them popular in professional care settings where caregivers must perform many patient transfers every day.


Most medical patient lifts operate in conjunction with a sling or harness, except for pool and bath lifts, which feature a seat. All lifts are designed to help support and stabilize the patient, but they must be used correctly in order to be safe.


Patient lift systems are a vital piece of equipment for many care settings. In hospitals, rehabilitation centers, retirement care centers, and even home care settings, patient lifts can improve the ease of caregiving and can help to make transfers easier, more comfortable, and safer for patients.