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PATHWAY® HD Code Compliant Modular Ramp


SKU# PHDS / Item ID # 30706

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About the PATHWAY® HD Code Compliant Modular Access System

Highly versatile, the PATHWAY HD Code Compliant Modular Access System is ideal for creating wheelchair and handicap access to temporary or permanent structures. This commercial-grade ramp system can accommodate almost any layout or configuration, and is designed to be durable yet easy to install and modify. This system is compliant with ADA, IBC, OSHA, and most local code guidelines, taking the confusion and worry out of finding a code compliant ramp system for your business.

The PATHWAY HD system is made of aircraft quality, corrosion-resistant aluminum. This durable construction can withstand high-traffic use and harsh environments, providing you with years of maintenance-free use. The ramps are equipped with Gecko Grip, a patent pending raised-rib tread that features a 2-tier, 3-point gripping surface. Ramp users enjoy enhanced cross-directional traction when entering or exiting the system, which amounts to increased safety. At 48” wide with 4” curbs, this ramp system can accommodate a variety of wheelchairs, power chairs, and more.

Why the PATHWAY HD Is Right for You

Finding a ramp system that's durable, easy to install, and code compliant can be a bit of a headache – but the PATHWAY HD solves all of those issues. This system has been designed specifically to be compliant with major and local codes, so it takes the guesswork out of your ordering process. Not only is this system highly durable and equipped with safety features like picketed guards, but it's easy to install, too. The commercial-grade ramps and platforms have independently adjustable legs, so you can easily work with uneven ground. If you're looking for a simple, long-lasting, and effective way to make your business handicap accessible, this system is right for you.

The PATHWAY HD ships free, and financing is available so that you can start enjoying it right away. Thanks to MedMart's Low Price Guarantee, you'll know that you will be getting this ramp system for the lowest price anywhere.

Product Highlights
  • Designed for compliance with ADA, IBC, OSHA, and most local code guidelines
  • All ramps are 48” wide with 4" curbs and feature smooth, continuous handrails. Top rail with picketed inserts creates a system with guards
  • All walking surfaces feature Gecko Grip, our patent pending, raised-rib tread featuring a 2-tier, 3-point gripping surface
  • The innovative design provides enhanced cross-directional traction when entering and exiting the system
  • Made of aircraft quality, corrosion-resistant aluminum, which stands up to the rigors of high-traffic use and harsh environments for years of maintenance-free access
  • Ramps and platforms have independently adjustable legs to accommodate uneven ground conditions for simple, on-site leveling
  • Made in the USA
Item #Usable WidthLengthPlatform WidthPlatforms IncludedWeight Cap
PHD S0648G 48" 6' 60" 1 100 psf
PHD S0848G 48" 8' 60" 1 100 psf
PHD S1048G 48" 10' 60" 1 100 psf
PHD S1248G 48" 12' 60" 1 100 psf
PHD S1448G1 48" 14' 60" 1 100 psf
PHD S1648G1 48" 16' 60" 1 100 psf
PHD S1848G 48" 18' 60" 1 100 psf
PHD S2048G1 48" 20' 60" 1 100 psf
PHD S2248G1 48" 22' 60" 1 100 psf
PHD S2448G 48" 24' 60" 1 100 psf
PHD S2648G 48" 26' 60" 1 100 psf
PHD S2848G 48" 28' 60" 1 100 psf
PHD S3048G 48" 30' 60" 1 100 psf
PHD S3248G 48" 32' 60" 1 100 psf
PHD S3448G 48" 34' 60" 1 100 psf
PHD S3648G 48" 36' 60" 1 100 psf
PHD S3648TBG 48" 36' 60" 1 100 psf
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