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Modular XP® Modular Ramp with Handrails


SKU# MXP / Item ID # 27805

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ADA compliance made simple

Quickly and easily create an ADA-compliant mobility solution to fit the needs of any path or entrance. This ramp, while infinitely customizable, can be rapidly assembled with common hand tools. Financing is available to ensure you can provide ADA compliance and start enjoying the ramp as quickly as possible.

Built for the long haul

Harsh weather is no match for this high-strength, lightweight aluminum ramp. It’s resistant against corrosion, ensuring durability over time. The 36” wide ramp can easily take on 100lbs per square foot. 

You can set up your Modular XP ramp with confidence that it will go the distance. 

Designed to be the perfect fit, every time

No matter your home or commercial modification needs, this ramp will get you there. Select from ramps of 3’ to 20’ long, with different dimensions to accommodate smooth turns. Ensure a smooth ascent with 45-degree turns, 90-degree turns, and 180-degree switchbacks. Standard 1.5inch handrails offer additional support, but can be supplemented with additional ADA extensions and guardrails. 

Your home or business changes? No problem: this ramp is completely freestanding, and can be moved or modified at any time. It’s completely flexible to your needs. 

Product Highlights
  • Modular ramp system creates custom configurations for home or commercial use
  • Can bring your business into ADA compliance
  • Easy assembly with basic hand tools
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum construction with white powder coated handrails
  • Freestanding structure can be moved or modified if needed
  • 36" wide ramps

Ramp Sections

Item #Ramp LengthWeight
Mod-XP-Ramp-3-HR 3' 45 lbs
Mod-XP-Ramp-4-HR 4' 55 lbs
Mod-XP-Ramp-5-HR 5' 64 lbs
Mod-XP-Ramp-6-HR 6' 82 lbs
Mod-XP-Ramp-7-HR 7' 92 lbs
Mod-XP-Ramp-8-HR 8' 101 lbs
Mod-XP-Ramp-9-HR 9' 110 lbs
Mod-XP-Ramp-10-HR 10' 120 lbs
Mod-XP-Ramp-11-HR 11' 139 lbs
Mod-XP-Ramp-12-HR 12' 148 lbs
Mod-XP-Ramp-13-HR 13' 158 lbs
Mod-XP-Ramp-14-HR 14' 167 lbs
Mod-XP-Ramp-15-HR 15' 176 lbs
Mod-XP-Ramp-16-HR 16' 194 lbs
Mod-XP-Ramp-17-HR 17' 204 lbs
Mod-XP-Ramp-18-HR 18' 213 lbs
Mod-XP-Ramp-19-HR 19' 223 lbs
Mod-XP-Ramp-20-HR 20' 233 lbs

Platform Sections

Item #WeightLengthWidthHeight
Mod-XP-Platform-48X48-HR 72 lbs 48" 48" 5.5" min. 60" max.
Mod-XP-Platform-60x60-HR 113 lbs 60" 60" 5.5" min. 60" max.
Mod-XP-Platform-60x96-HR 163 lbs 96" 60" 5.5" min. 60" max.
Mod-XP-Platform-45-DegreeAngle-HR 30 lbs 38" 36.75" 4" min. 60" max.


Item #Weight
Mod-XP-Stair-1-Step 15 lbs
Mod-XP-Stair-2-Step 51 lbs
Mod-XP-Stair-3-Step 64 lbs
Mod-XP-Stair-5-Step 93 lbs
Brochure (2.81 MB)
Lifetime warranty (powder coated handrails not included)

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