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TiLite has been around for close to three decades. We just didn’t make wheelchairs in the early years. Back then we made titanium bike frames, golf shafts, motorcycle frames, and a huge variety of custom, one-off titanium projects. We also made titanium wheelchair parts for a few wheelchair manufacturers.

Then, in the late 1990’s, we began to wonder whether it would make sense to apply our knowledge of customization to wheelchairs. In other words, would a wheelchair frame that is fabricated to fit a single person make it perform better for that person? We knew it would fit better and be more comfortable, but would this ergonomic improvement make it easier to push? It turns out that it would. We now call this process TiFit.

And what about aesthetics? Many of our bike and motorcycle customers demanded well-built products that looked beautiful too. What if we applied the same attitude toward wheelchairs? And what would a wheelchair look like if we placed demands on ourselves to make our custom wheelchairs look beautiful?

The first customized and beautiful TiLite wheelchair came to life in 1998 as the CrossSport. Redesigned to be lighter and better looking three times since then, we now call it the TR, our flagship chair.

Our mission today is simple: Make the best fitting, best performing, and best looking wheelchairs in the world. We put our hearts and souls into it, and that’s one thing that will never change.

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