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Created in 2002, Vipamat develops, manufactures, and markets equipment for handicapped individuals.

Vipamat’s structure, its organization, its approach to handicaps, and its creativity allow it to continuously innovate while remaining close to the needs and concerns of handicapped individuals.

Vipamat offers innovatively designed products, allowing handicapped individuals to access new horizons in terms of leisure activities.

Vipamat products provide comfort, accessibility, and ergonomics to users in order to facilitate their use while remaining attentive to the product’s life expectancy.

Vipamat’s product conception involves manufacturing and assembling parts from local (primarily), regional, and sometimes international firms.

Vipamat is currently present in many countries throughout the world through its distributor network and its sales office in North America.

Present at numerous salons in France and abroad where equipment for handicapped persons is exhibited in, Vipamat is attentive it its clients’ needs and remarks.

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