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Ideal for slippery winter conditions, the Vive cane ice tips provide additional stability on snow, ice, and other wet surfaces. The ice tips also supply greater stability when walking on sand, loose gravel, and soft grasses.  Ice tip attachments are easily installed with included hardware on cane diameters ranging from 2” to 3.75”. Provides greater balance and stability when installed on standard and folding canes, forearm crutches, axillary crutches, and walkers.

Five durable carbon steel prongs bite into the ice and snow to improve balance and safety when walking on these hazardous surfaces.  A simple push mechanism allows the ice tip attachment to flip up along the outside of the cane for safe indoor use and to prevent excess wear when traversing hard surfaces such as cement or pavement. A slip-resistant pad prevents the attachment from sliding and scratching the cane.

Product Highlights
  • Increased stability
  • Five-prong design
  • Foldable storage
  • Easy installation
  • Slip resistant pad
  • Durable steel construction
Fits: 2"-3.75"
Material: Carbon steel