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  1. Feather Chair Featherweight Lightweight Wheelchair - Main Image
    Feather Featherweight Lightweight Wheelchair
    • Only 13.5 lbs. with the rear wheels removed and 19 lbs. with the wheels on
    • Optional quick release axles to remove the rear wheels
    • Solid flat-free tires
    As low as $700.00
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Lightweight wheelchairs are excellent choices for anyone who is going to be in a wheelchair long-term. These wheelchairs feature frames which are significantly lighter than those used in traditional wheelchairs. Because the overall weight of the wheelchair is reduced, the wheelchair is easier to maneuver and propel, both indoors and outdoors.

Standard wheelchairs are heavier than their lightweight counterparts, and the increased weight can make you uncomfortable and tired when using the wheelchair. Lightweight wheelchairs can help to keep you more comfortable. Additionally, since you'll be propelling less weight, the chance of you developing physical issues in your shoulders and wrists is reduced by a lightweight wheelchair.

Most lightweight wheelchairs are built with aluminum frames. Aluminum makes for a strong yet lightweight frame, creating the base of the wheelchair. Lightweight wheelchairs typically weigh between 30 and 34 pounds, and they often fold up for easy portability.

Because lightweight wheelchairs are designed for long-term use, you'll find that they have many features and options to choose from. You will often be able to choose the armrest and footrest style and design, and many wheelchairs also offer elevating legrests for increased comfort and versatility. Be sure to consider whether an angle-adjustable back is right for you. You'll also find that some wheelchairs feature ergonomic design and sculpted seat cushions for the ultimate in support.

When it comes to lightweight wheelchairs, you can choose a very basic option or can go for a highly stylish, almost custom-built wheelchair. Lightweight wheelchairs include weight capacities ranging from 220 to 350 pounds, making these wheelchairs suitable choices for many.

The decision to invest in a lightweight wheelchair will depend on your preferences and the wheelchair's intended use. For short-term use, a traditional wheelchair may suffice. If you face a longer recovery or will be using the wheelchair indefinitely, then it may be well worth the investment to purchase a lightweight wheelchair.