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  1. Drive Medical Cruiser III
    Cruiser III Lightweight Wheelchair
    • Built-in seat rail extensions and extendable upholstery easily adjust seat depth from 16” to 18"
    • Removable flip-back arms allow for easy transfer
    • Nylon upholstery is durable, lightweight, attractive and easy to clean
    As low as $246.40
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Standard wheelchairs can provide you with mobility when you're unable to stand or walk on your own. These wheelchairs are great solutions for when you're recovering from an injury, and they're intended for short-term use. Because of this, standard wheelchairs are fairly basic and are inexpensive.

Standard wheelchairs are built to be both strong and durable, ensuring that they will provide you with the mobility that you need while you heal and recover. These wheelchairs are designed so that you can propel them yourself; you need to have use of your arms in order for a standard wheelchair to be a practical choice. Standard wheelchairs also include push handles so that you can be assisted by a caregiver.

Most standard wheelchairs are designed mainly for indoor use. They tend to be heavier than other wheelchair styles, so propelling them up a hill can be a challenge. These wheelchairs are equipped with brakes which can be pressed down onto the wheel to help hold the chair in place, providing an important safety feature.

You will find that standard wheelchairs offer some different features. Some chairs include elevating legrests for increased comfort, while others provide flip back arms for easy access to the chair. Some standard wheelchairs even include height adjustable arms or removable arms, allowing you to choose just how much support you want. Because standard wheelchairs are intended for short-term use, extensive options aren't typically available on these wheelchairs.

Standard wheelchairs usually come in standard seat widths of 16”, 18”, and 20”, though some chairs also come in 22” and 24” widths. A standard wheelchair also comes with a specific weight capacity, which is important to check before you make a purchase.