Catalyst 5Vx Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

By Ki Mobility

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The Catalyst 5Vx is Ki Mobility’s Catalyst 5 with a newly designed axle plate and an adjustable camber tube. The Catalyst 5Vx is made from the ultra-light, high-strength 7000 series aluminum. This alloy dampens vibrations to provide a smoother and more comfortable ride. You also have the option to upgrade the frame or cross brace to titanium. Ki Mobility’s uniquely designed cross brace provides the feel of a rigid frame wheelchair with the convenience of a folding frame.  The Catalyst line offers a Dual Interlocking Cross Brace.  This design creates a frame that locks together so that it minimizes unwanted movement and maximizes the energy transferred in each of your pushes making your push as efficient as possible. The “Between-The-Rails” Seat Design has the seat frame tubing setting side-by-side rather than stacking them atop one another. Instead of the weight of the user resting on the cross brace, the weight is transferred to the side frames. This prevents having to use heavy cross braces which add weight to other manufacturer’s wheelchairs. 

Even how the Catalyst 5Vx folds and unfolds is unique. A Power X-Hinge is an extending link from the frame to the cross brace that expands and contracts when the frame is opening or closing. Another benefit of the Power X-Hinge is how it improves the frame’s structural integrity. The extending link provides the frame’s strength and rigidity rather than the seat upholstery. The Power X-Hinge works so well your Catalyst 5Vx will be just as solid with or without the seat upholstery. 
Not to be forgotten are Ki Mobility’s one of a kind legrests.  The legrests can be mounted or removed from any angle.  No need to rotate all the way or all the way out like those from other manufacturers. 

What Makes This Different
The Catalyst 5Vx’s focus is providing better adjustments for center of gravity, rear seat to floor height, and rear wheel camber. The newly designed axle plate and rear frame provide you 2” of center gravity adjustment in ½” increments. The center of gravity is what really gives you control over your wheelchair’s responsiveness.  The higher the number for center of the gravity, the more responsive and easier to push the wheelchair becomes. Lower numbers for the center of gravity create a more stable wheelchair. The new axle plate also gives you 5” for your rear seat to floor height.  All these available adjustments create less effort in propelling your wheelchair and create a better ride. A brand-new adjustable camber is standard so there is no additional charge for this feature. The 5Vx gives you 5 camber degree options from 0° to 4°.  A 0° camber makes the overall width of your 5Vx as narrow as possible where 4° of camber widens your base making the wheelchair nimbler and more responsive.

Why We Like It
There are two options on the 5Vx that really make it appealing. You can add a transit wheel option to your 5Vx.  The transit wheels can be inserted into the rear frame of the wheelchair after removing the standard rear wheels. These smaller transit wheels make the wheelchair considerably more compact and easier to maneuver in tight or narrow spaces. The transit wheels can be a great option for travelers who may find themselves in hotel rooms not accommodating to a typical wheelchair. The Catalyst 5Vx also offers you the option for a fixed front frame. So, if you prefer fixed legrests over swing away but still want a folding frame, this is the option you will want. The fixed front end will further enhance the responsive feel of a Catalyst 5Vx making it perform even more like a rigid frame model.  

Product Highlights
  • Newly Designed Axle Plate
  • Improved Center of Gravity Adjustability
  • Adjustable Camber
  • Transit Wheels Option
Transport Weight: 13.9
Weight Capacity: 300
Seat Widths: 14",15",16",17",18",19",20",21",22"
Product Weight: 18 lbs.
Legrest Options: ElevatingFixed Swing Away
Quick-Ship: No
Seat to Floor Heights: 13.5" to 21"
Seat Depths: 14",15",16",17",18",19",20"
Front Seat to Floor Height: 13.5" to 21"
Rear Seat to Floor Height: 11.5" to 20"
Angle-adjustable Back: Yes
Reclining Back Option: Yes
Rear Wheel Size: 20",22",24",25",26"
Pneumatic (air-filled) tire option: Yes
Quick-Release Axles: Yes
One-Arm Drive Option: No
Upholstery Options: Yes
Armrest Options: Fixed Height Flip Back Height Adjustable Removable Swing Away
Product Weight Range: 15 lbs to 20 lbs


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