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For long-term wheelchair use, ultra lightweight wheelchairs can make a significant difference in your comfort. Ultra lightweight wheelchairs range from an amazing 15 to 29 pounds, greatly reducing the amount of weight that you must propel when compared to a standard wheelchair.

There are countless advantages to using an ultra lightweight wheelchair. Because of the reduced weight of the wheelchair, you will have to propel less weight with every push. This can quickly make a big difference when you're highly active in your wheelchair. You'll find that ramps and hills are much easier to navigate, and your arms and shoulders will not be as sore at the end of the day.

There's another important reason to consider using an ultra lightweight wheelchair: Your health. When you're using a wheelchair long-term, you need to develop excellent upper body and arm strength. The repetitive motion of propelling your chair can lead to strain and fatigue in your shoulders and wrists, and you can potentially injure yourself. By reducing the weight of the wheelchair, you're also reducing your risk of injury and the wear and tear on your body.

Ultra lightweight wheelchairs are built on aluminum frames for strength without added weight. Some of these wheelchairs come standard without arm rests, but arm rests are available as upgrades. You'll see that some ultra lightweight wheelchairs take a minimalistic approach; others have open frame designs; and others closely resemble a traditional wheelchair. No matter your preferences, there's sure to be an ultra lightweight wheelchair for you.

Ultra lightweight wheelchairs are an excellent choice for people who are active and are on the go. Many of these wheelchairs include folding frames for easy transportation. You'll find that lightweight wheelchairs are agile and easy to maneuver. Generously padded seats and back supports means that these wheelchairs are comfortable for daily use.