A Note from Medmart.com’s CEO this Holiday Season

What a year 2020 has been. COVID-19 continues to change every American’s day-to-day life, and, even with the promise of new vaccines, we have a long way to go. This country has endured so much this year – from tens of millions of Americans out of work for the first time to a turbulent election cycle that dominated our news outlets for months.  

This year has tested Americans to their cores.   

The measures we’ve taken to beat COVID-19 go against many of our core values: our desires to be free, to be social, to be human.  Today, health officials and the federal government are approving and distributing vaccines at a record pace, and maybe – just maybe – the light is at the end of the tunnel.  Unlike any other time in history, countries and multi-national corporations are working together to stamp out COVID-19.  We are sharing supply lines, factories, and science to move these treatments and vaccines at an unprecedented pace, and officials are confident that with enough social distancing, mask-wearing, and vaccine administration, we can beat this thing and get back to the America we know and love.  

I know personally how hard this has been - notably on my mother and other family members who have been so isolated during this terrible year.

Wear a mask for them.  Make your New Year’s parties safer for them. Be safe so we can get to that light at the end of the tunnel.  I myself have been far from perfect, but please – please – do what you can to stop COVID-19. We’re getting so close. 

I have always been a ‘glass-half-full’ type.  I like to look at what we have, or what we have gained, instead of what we’re losing, or what we’ve lost. I’m thankful for my team at Med Mart for being by my side from day one of this pandemic.  They have not waivered, they have not complained, but only looked for ways to move forward.  Here at Med Mart, we have distributed thousands of hospital beds, patient lifts, PPE, and medical supplies throughout the Continental United States - I only hope that we have done our part to help our fellow countrymen and women in some way, shape, or form.

Remember that this is not a time to judge, but to learn, to listen, to grow, to overcome. Together, we can do anything!

Thank you to our team, our customers, and God Bless America.