Multi Fold Ramps

  1. SUITCASE® Trifold® AS Ramp
    SUITCASE® Trifold® AS Ramp
    The SUITCASE® Trifold AS Ramp is the perfect way to ensure wheelchair accessibility wherever you go.
    As low as $250.99
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  2. Aluminum Roll-Up Ramp
    Aluminum Roll-Up Ramp
    Stop struggling with bulky ramps! From wheelchairs and home maintenance gear to motorcycles and power scooters, the one-of-a-kind Roll-A-Ramp portable ramp system can handle any job.
    As low as $485.00
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Filter Your Results: 2 results

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Multi-fold ramps are convenient and portable accessibility solutions. These ramps come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you’re sure to find a ramp that is just right for your needs.

Multi-fold ramps fold up in different ways so that they’re compact and easily portable. Their multiple folding ability makes them highly compact, so you can buy a larger ramp without worrying about having a large space to store it in. You can conveniently store multi-fold ramps when they’re not in use, and some of these ramps are compact enough to be carried in vehicles.

If you rely on a wheelchair or scooter, there are many reasons why you may want to invest in a multi-fold ramp. Keeping a multi-fold ramp in your vehicle can help you to overcome accessibility issues that you may encounter when you’re traveling, running errands, or visiting friends. Curbs, small sets of stairs, ledges, and more can all be navigated with the use of a multi-fold ramp. Having a ramp in your vehicle is not only convenient, it can allow you to go places that you otherwise couldn’t access.

When choosing a multi-fold ramp, you’ll need to decide on the ramp length, width, and size that’s right for you. Be sure to pay attention to the ramp’s weight capacity, too, and think about how much the ramp itself weighs.

Ramps feature different folding methods, and some even feature handles to make carrying them easier. These ramps are designed to be easy to use and to always be ready when you need them.