Infinite-Position Power Recliners

  1. Rhea MaxiComfort Lift Recliner
    Rhea MaxiComfort Lift Recliner
    • 4-Zone Comfort Zone™ positioning system,
    • Patented MaxiComfort Positioning
    • HeatWave™ Technology
    As low as $1,849.00
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  2. Golden Technologies Titan Twilight Lift Recliner - Main Image
    Titan Twilight Lift Recliner
    • Twilight Positioning using our patented 5-motor cradle technology offers an array of rejuvenating options to ease the body and mind.
    • 30-degree angle takes the usual TV Watching and Zero Gravity positions to a whole new level. Only Twilight offers a TRUE Zero Gravity sensation.
    • Built-in cup holder, wireless smartphone charger, accessory mount with a table, and an additional USB charging port for your phone
    As low as $2,639.00
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  3. VivaLift!® Radiance Lift Recliner
    VivaLift!® Radiance Lift Recliner
    • Heat System with three conveniently located heat pads in the shoulders, lumbar and seat regions of the chair
    • Ergonomically designed toggle remote
    • True-infinite positioning enables the backrest and footrest to move independently from one another so that a variety of positions can be reached
    As low as $1,759.00
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  4. Pride VivaLift!® Urbana 2 Lift Recliner - Main Image
    VivaLift!® Urbana 2 Lift Recliner
    • Power Lumbar for personalized ergonomic comfort
    • Full-Width Power Headrest to lift head, neck and shoulders
    • Lithium Battery Back-Up is an industry first! Abundant power lasts and replaces ordinary one-time-use backups
    As low as $1,519.00
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  5. Golden Technologies Cloud Twilight PowerPillow Lift Recliner - Main Image
    Cloud Twilight Lift Recliner
    • Float in Zero Gravity relaxation
    • Innovative design cradles you with Twilight positioning
    • A whole new experience in seating comfort
    As low as $2,639.00
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  6. Golden Technologies Comforter 535 Maxicomforter Lift Recliner - Main Image
    Comforter MaxicComfort Lift Recliner
    • Extended Arms Provide Better Utility to Enter/Exit the Chair When Lifted
    • Refreshed Back Style Providing Maximum Comfort & Tasteful New Seam Design
    • No Change to the One of Golden’s Most Sought-after Signature Seats, Which Provide the Utmost in Support & Comfort
    As low as $1,728.00
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What is an Infinite Position Lift Chair?

Lift chairs are recliners equipped with powerful motors that help users safely transition between seated and standing positions. They can be an invaluable tool to those struggling with arthritis, recovering from surgery, or anyone needing an extra helping hand.

Today’s lift chairs come in a wide range of positions and motor functionality depending on your needs. When shopping for a lift chair, you’ll choose between 2-position, 3-position, or infinite-position chairs. 

Infinite position lift chairs are the most dynamic choice, equipped with a dual motor system that allows the back and footrest to operate independently. This gives users the flexibility to find the most comfortable position for their needs. With an infinite-position chair, you can take all the stress off of your joints in zero-gravity mode, sleep with the backrest completely parallel to the floor, or program a custom position. 

What Should I Consider When Purchasing an Infinite Position Lift Chair?


Make sure that the chair fits your weight and size capacity needs. Heavy-duty lift chairs can provide additional support for larger users. 

Style & Fabric

Do you prefer stylish leather or plush fabric? Many manufacturers let you customize the color and fabric of your chair to best fit your home interior design and comfort. 

Additional Features

Each chair comes with its own unique set of features and add-ons. Depending on your needs, some additional features that you may want to consider are: 

  • Heating and massage systems
  • Charging ports for electronics
  • Back-up Batteries

Need some extra help finding the perfect infinite-position mattress for you or a loved one? Contact one of our product specialists and we’d be happy to help!