Tilt n' Space

  1. Spring Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair
    Spring Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair
    • Elevating legrests and adjustable headrest
    • Ergonomic seating, seat cushion, back cushion
    • Manually operated tilt-in-space and recline functionality
    As low as $1,499.00
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  2. Karman VIP515 Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair
    VIP515 Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair
    • Ergonomic Handrims S-Shape Ergonomic Seating System
    • Swing In Away Footrests
    • Folding backrest / folding seat for easy traveling
    As low as $1,835.00
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  3. Rose Comfort Max Tilt Recline Chair
    Rose Comfort Max Tilt Recline Chair
    • 38 degrees of tilt- lever on the back left positioned easily for the caregiver to adjust
    • Recline up to 90 degrees (trendelenburg). Recline lever is Red and located on the back Right
    • Seat Width 20" and seat depth 20"
  4. Capella Tilt Wheelchair
    Capella Tilt Wheelchair
    • Seat width and depth can increase without changing frame
    • Removable rear wheels with stainless steel or plastic coated handrims
    • Recline option
    As low as $2,500.00
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  5. Med-Mizer FlexTilt Tilt-In-Space Chair
    FlexTilt Tilt-In-Space Chair
    • Reduce caregiver injuries and efficiency (reduction in transfers, reduced time in repositioning, etc)
    • Ease of use/operation with unlimited positioning for enhanced comfort
    • Vback design for added comfort and support
    As low as $2,742.00
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If you or a loved one spend large amounts of time in a wheelchair, then you may find a tilt in space wheelchair highly beneficial. Tilt in space wheelchairs are designed to improve user comfort by reclining, shifting your weight and providing you with many health benefits.

When you're confined to a wheelchair long-term, you face a risk of developing pressure sores because your weight is concentrated on your rear end. Painful muscle cramps may also set in, and your circulation may also be reduced. Additionally, if you have a lower limb injury, you may need to elevate that limb to speed recovery, which isn't always simple in a traditional wheelchair.

Tilt in space wheelchairs allow the patient to tilt backwards; the seat itself tilts backwards while the lower frame and the wheels remain in place. This simple motion shifts your weight from your buttocks to your back, which can improve your circulation and reduce your chance of developing pressure sores. This tilted position can accommodate many rehabilitation positions, and can help to make you more comfortable while you're in your wheelchair.

Tilt in space wheelchairs can function in much the same way that a traditional wheelchair does. The wheelchair user can self-propel the chair, and a caregiver can also push the wheelchair. Most tilt in space wheelchairs include a harness to keep the user properly positioned when the seat is tilted back. You'll also find that these wheelchairs are designed to be sturdy and safe when reclined.

Most tilt in space wheelchairs feature generously padded seats, backrests, and neck supports to maximize comfort during long-term use. Some wheelchairs feature ergonomic design to further increase user comfort and overall wellbeing.

You will find that tilt in space wheelchairs cost quite a bit more than traditional wheelchairs, due to their complex construction. When spending lots of time in a wheelchair, investing in a tilt in space wheelchair can pay off by preserving your health and comfort.